Plinky Prompt: What Stresses You Out The Most

    • So Stressful!
    • “You Worry Too Much” DUH.
      stress I stress myself out by worrying. Worrying about my kids, my husband, my dog, my mother, my sister, my friends, victims I don’t know and I worry about myself. I worry about sickness, death, and the flavor of the week on the news i.e. terrible shootings. Worrying about worrying. I “pre-worry” when I have absolutely NO CONTROL over any outcome. In psychiatric terms it is called “anticipatory anxiety.” What good does that do me? IT DOESN’T DO A DARN THING. Yes, I know this but sometimes it’s hard to switch the channel. I am too sensitive in both a good way and a bad. I am incredibly sensitive to others, compassionate and intuitive at the same time I take on other people’s issues to heart and feel for others. A lot. I have tried to change a million times with no luck. I have heard “You are too sensitive” so many times I could scream (especially when it is said by totally insensitive people) I KNOW THAT, I DID NOT CHOOSE TO BE THIS WAY. So, give me a break. I do deep breathing, I’ve tried all the tricks but this is who I am. PLEASE, TRY TO BE understanding, know I worry because I love and I care. Maybe I care too much but don’t you think that’s better than not caring at all? If I could be a cold-hearted, non-worrying-bitch I’d have a much easier life. Sorry, no can do. I worry. I care. And that’s okay.
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9 thoughts on “Plinky Prompt: What Stresses You Out The Most

  1. I’d worry if I didn’t worry.
    You’re worrying shows how much you love and care for people. You are bound to love your friends and family (by birth and by choice). And I imagine you, too, would worry if you didn’t worry. And remember, there are folks worrying about you too!
    “To worry, or not to worry/That is the question. Whether this nobler to suffer . . . .” luckily I forget the rest. Don’t worry, I won’t recite any more!


      • I promise I’d let you know. And as much as I’d love to just disappear, I can’t. I have a husband to talk about, and we’re getting our foster puppy today…and we have Max….and well, that’s my real family isn’t it?
        Unfortunately, I said something like that on my blog and one of my biological family members read it…and “freaked out”. The comment she left me, well, I wouldn’t say things like that to my worst enemy.

        thank you for thinking so much of me.
        love to you


      • my sister saw a few of my blogs and freaked out but it’s the one place I stand my ground, my mom did too. We had fights over it but no nasty comment. I hate whoever would say something dreadful to you. I can’t imagine their sick minds. You are a wonderful person and friend and YOUR family is those that love you, not necessarily by blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Warm wishes, Laurie



  2. I am just like my big sis! A chronic worrier…overly sensitive…too caring…lots of anticipatory anxiety! I cant help it…. i worry because i love.
    hugs to u big sis!


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