Plinky: Who Was Your Favorite Teacher?

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    Timken Roller Bearing Co., calendar, September 1950, teacher at desk Her name was Mrs. Diner and she was a teacher in Kew Gardens, Queens at PS 99. She was my sixth grade teacher and I remember her kindness and her warmth. I remember how she looked based on a very old photograph of us that someone took. I don’t think she did anything extraordinary but being a teacher was important to her; she made her students FEEL important and loved. Mrs. Diner was a teacher to remember, she inspired us all. Thank you, Mrs. Diner.
    P.S. 30 years later my mom met her on an airplane and Mrs. Diner remembered me. I was absolutely thrilled!

1 thought on “Plinky: Who Was Your Favorite Teacher?

  1. Dr. Sethu (full name, Chakrapani Sethumadevan) He was my high school English Teacher for 3 years. He was amazing! He was the first person I’d met from India, I had long conversation with him about his culture, his religion…ect. He was fighting to get Visa’s for his family to join him when I had him for a teacher. Even through all of this strife, he was always so happy. The only time I saw him upset was if a student did something stupid. Finally his family did join him. He is a perfect picture of the American Dream.
    He was amazing.
    I never understood how a man of such knowledge ended up in the sticks of SC. (at one point the county I grew up in was the poorest in the US)

    I sent him a Christmas card year before last, to say hello and see if he remembered me. He did. Even wrote back calling me his little sing song name for me. Still a wonder of a man. Retired now. And still living in the sticks of SC.


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