Plinky: What Vice Would YOU Give Up?

  • Vice, Be Gone
  • No, No, No!
    old fashioned chocolate cake, sweet revenge patisserie
  • If I had to give up one MAJOR vice, I would have to give up sugar. SUGAR? Yup, cake, cookies, chocolate bars, ice cream, baked goods, candy, (what? No more Chuckles candy?) chocolate, chocolate and chocolate. I would cry without a piece of chocolate or coconut cake,(oh fine, ANY cake) chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies too. Sigh, I’m good with Oreos as well (I did notice they now have sugar-free Oreos).I’m sure I would lose a lot of weight if I did this but is it really worth it? I don’t want to give up sugar and I don’t want to eat it in excess (ok, that’s a plain bold-faced lie) but I would be very unhappy if I had to give it up….My physical is coming up soon, I believe they test for diabetes. I would get used to it as we all get used to new things but I certainly would NOT be pleased. Who would? Giving up sugar? Scary thought and major ouch. Please don’t make me give it up, pretty please with Truvia on top?

1 thought on “Plinky: What Vice Would YOU Give Up?

  1. A vice? Me? Well, I either have too many to count so I don’t notice, or I don’t have any. hahaha
    I’ve had to give up so many different foods, it wouldn’t be that.
    ummmm, I know. I’d give up my gutter mouth. Yes I know, I look like an angel, but I can swear like a sailor (perhaps because I grew up with one?) And my husband doesn’t swear at all! I’m getting better, I think. But sometimes, it just comes out. oops.
    When I was in the art circle, and part of a big artist studio place, we all hung out. And boy can artist swear….I think more than sailors. : ) Most were guys, and most loved to drink and get rowdy. I was usually the designated driver, but had a blast most nights anyway.

    So cursing. I’d give that up. But it’s easier said than done.

    (BTW, I gave up sugar for years! It wasn’t that hard, there are so many things you can sweeten with. Then I got this dang (does that count as a swear word?) Fructose Malabsorption. Now, I realize Splenda was killing me! I can have aspartame, but isn’t that stuff evil? Plain Stevia just taste weird to me, and Truvia is a mixture of Stevia and something I can’t have. Agave is a no-no. Honey is evil to my system. I even used to sweeten things with fruit juice….and you can guess what they would do now. So it’s back to sugar, just in small amounts. If I have it in large amounts, my heart goes all pitter patter, it just isn’t used to these things. : )

    Maybe I need a few more vices??


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