Fall, No, Autumn

Late summer

Late summer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Autumn just sounds so much lovelier than Fall, doesn’t it? Autumn is my first cup of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte that I treated myself to today, it’s the addition of an extra cotton sweater tied around my waist, recycling an old handbag from the closet to get rid of that “summer bag.”Autumn is the name of a friend’s beautiful daughter, with her glossy, red hair and her bright, shiny, smile that I have seen in photographs. As much as I hate winter (and I do) when I think of Autumn, I can only smile.

I’m trying to stay in the moment instead of jumping seasons like I usually do. I may like Autumn but I don’t like what follows; Winter devastates me. Physically, everything hurts more, my joints and muscles cringe as if attacked, my body always feels cold no matter how many thick layers I have on, my low energy level plummets even lower. It is an accomplishment just to get out from the warm down comforter in the morning. I am going to have to take it day by day and not anticipate a problem. Maybe we will have another mild winter…

I’m looking forward to the changing leaves, dancing in the sun like a ballet performance, skipping back and forth on the stage. Hues of orange, gold, red, yellow, earth tones that make me want to slip in to nature like a groundhog. When my children were very young, they played in the leaves and covered themselves with the dancing leaves in a huge pile, my husband and I took photographs of them one year and used one as a Holiday card. I can still remember what it looked like.

Summer is slipping away, slowly into the night. We had a few extra days of sunshine and water when we vacationed together in Narragansett, Rhode Island, a beautiful place to visit. It ended the summer with wonderful memories of fresh blueberry scones and inexpensive lobster rolls and Brickley’s ginger ice-cream eaten ever so slowly so that it would last a long time.

I dread the winter and I am trying not to, I am trying to think of things that I can look forward to this winter but none come to mind. Perhaps I will pick up reading that I have completely dropped this summer, I have many dusty books on the shelves to read. I will make my fabulous pea soup that is heavenly and I will learn a few new recipes to add to my old classics. I will learn to bake a few more things too. I will volunteer somewhere or do something for others and give back to my community in some way and instead of dreading the upcoming winter storms I will feel grateful that I am alive to be going through them.

3 thoughts on “Fall, No, Autumn

  1. Oh, Laurie, what a blessing to have a Sister who understands and empathizes with your pain, through her own pain….Blessings on you both! keeping a good thought for a beneficial winter season for all…(and finding good doctors you can trust)………. .I am looking forward to a visit to my dear Sister in Phoenix in November….leaving my sweet, dependent husband to my Son and a caregiver….going off to enjoy being a “girl” again….for five days! then back home for Thanksgiving….and hopefully all the kids gathered around the Turkey! Yum!


  2. Wonderful blog Sis….I adore Autumn…always have and always will….September and October are my faves…I too despise Winter, but I know it will happen, sso I’m tryin to do what you are, just be glad I get to be here to deal with it…lots of reading, soups, snuggling my family, caring for my grandparents as much as I can….talk on here with my friends/family….today was beautiful…my boys are here tonite, I love them so…unfortunately my insides are ripping me thru and thru…most probable obstruction…its scary when it gets this bad…but it ebbs off a bit eventually to where I can breathe again. If we can ever get into a place financially I think I will go to NY and check out that doc I saw on tv…cuz I’m feelin pretty confident I can’t live many more years in this condition…inertia…frozen abdomen…obstruction…infarction…call em what you will…none is good and evidently no one can fix me…soooo…..if this ole bod makes it thru to Spring…my goal is to get some help from some doc who perhaps has a brain in his head and can help me live a life with less pain and misery…I just wanna hold my loved one, hug them, laugh with them, be happy…enjoy each season as it comes…pay our bills, without the collectorys calling at 8am daily. Just live like any middle aged mom/gm,a wants to live…quietyly, loving, helping…just being. Autumn is my fresh new beginning…the air smells great, the house is airing out…the dogs love romping around the yard….I love this old house…even with the old carpets and wallpapers….I love it…love the windows that are hard to open…I do NOT however love the swarm of flying ants at the window or the teeny tiny baby mouse the cat found today…eww. I will be here for you Big Sis…when we are hurting beyond belief, we can write or even talk! save money fly here and hunker down with me and my zoo…lol.

    Beautiful blog as usual babes. Love the keepin is positive vibe….we can do it.
    Luv n hugs
    Lil sis


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