Plinky Prompt: Reality TV: Trash or Treasure?

  • Reality TV
  • It’s Not One, It’s Both
    Survivor Finale Why pick one?
    It’s TRASHY TREASURE to me!
    I admit it, I’ve watched Survivor with my husband, America’s Next Top Model when my daughter was younger, and Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen all by myself. It’s entertaining, I’m sure it is scripted and if you look at it as a way to get away from your own reality, it’s truly a much-needed, relaxing break. If you enjoy it, go for it.

8 thoughts on “Plinky Prompt: Reality TV: Trash or Treasure?

  1. I love Survivor. It is such a great study in human nature. My son knew one guy who was on Survivor. There’s no way his little speech (you may remember it) about how one should be careful that one’s holes don’t get them in trouble was scripted! He was the first to be voted out.

    I also like Amazing Race, Top Chef and most of the other competitive cooking shows, and the guiltiest of my guilty pleasures (shhh, don’t tell anyone), Big Brother. Models, housewives and bachelor/ettes, I can do without.


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