NaBloPoMo November 2, 2012

Castaway Beach #2

Castaway Beach #2 (Photo credit: palestrina55)

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Sun on my back, gently crisping up my shoulders without burning, I  look healthy not like the cream cheese complexion I always look like here in New York. I love being near water so anywhere in the Caribbean or one of the Islands, for me would be ideal. I’d consider San Diego, California too but my mind goes first to a wonderful island where you just dream about but think you can’t ever do.

In my soul, I need to walk along the beach, collecting a stray seashell or two, not too many, just special ones that have meaning to them. The color of the water is a deep blue/green. Almost indescribable in words’; when people come for the first time they just gasp. Imagine not having to leave such loveliness, such wonder. I would nap every day after a light lunch of fruit and then I would take my mask and flippers and look at the amazing array of bright, beautiful fish that would dance around me as if we were all playing a game. I would be standing still, I didn’t want to interrupt their performance and so they danced around me; we had our routine, the fish and I. I came every day, at the same time and after a few weeks, I like to think they trusted me. I would give them some food and I had access into their world for just a little bit of  time.

I felt privileged just to see them in their colorful splendor; I was the intruder here so I kept myself quiet and very still. After that, I got out of the water and sat on the sand, until the sun warmed my body and my dripping wet hair. Nothing felt more right than sitting on the beach, calm, happy, watching the sun lowering itself into the water. The next morning I’d wake up and the climate would be the same, sunshine, freckles coming out on my skin; I rubbed lavender moisturizer all over my body and face so it would feel creamy and not like parchment paper. I didn’t care how I looked, I cared how my skin felt, I wanted it to feel well nourished and happy. Everything in life connects; I’ve learned that here.

Imagine this gift as you wake up every day of your life. Paradise. It is possible.

2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo November 2, 2012

  1. Lovely! You’ve reminded me of a visit we made to Isla Roatan, off the coast of Honduras, as well as Hawaii.

    When I was in the early years of illness, when travel was challenging but before it became impossible, my mother convinced me to give going on cruises a try. I didn’t think of myself as at all the cruising type, but I found it was the best mode of vacationing for folks like us. You only have to unpack once, your bed & food is close at hand 24/7 (and a wide variety of foods for those with dietary issues), and I could relax on the balconey of our room for hour after hour, watching the gorgeous scenery unfold before me. Excursions were all planned & arranged, so were easy to handle.

    So we set about cruising as much as possible while I was still able, and I got to see Alaska, the Caribbean & Central America on multiple cruises (each one to different places), and then the last cruise was a family reunion trip to the Hawaiian islands, which were my favorites of them all.

    But for pure scenic beauty, the kind that takes your breath away, I think it was Isla Roatan that struck me as the most idyllic, at least the place we visited on our excursion.

    Thank you for reminding me of the good times, the warm sun on browning skin, the crystal clear water, snorkling amongst the fish…


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