I Hate Salmon, So Stop Making Me Feel So Damn Guilty!

English: Flesh of an Atlantic Salmon.

English: Flesh of an Atlantic Salmon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I read one more article about the health benefits of my least favorite, strong (sorry, foul to me) smelling fish I am going to have a nutty. This expression was coined by my friend, Debbie, when our  boys were 2 years old.  The boys would often go off the deep end, fight, scream and cry, and we were sleep deprived and over-whelmed. Having “a nutty”just summed it up for both kids and moms.

By now, we know from every magazine, newspaper, television and vitamin commercial that the almighty salmon is healthy to eat and it has antioxidants. We see that everywhere, hear about that from friends, family, doctors, hair stylists, people from Verizon and Comcast. You get the idea. I’m wondering if I am the ONLY outcast who just can’t stand the stuff. I want to like it and be healthy but frankly the mere smell makes me nauseous.

I  blame my friend’s mother Natalie who forced me to eat it at their home one day when I was a young teenager. This family was very strict and very rule conscious, believe me. When I  politely refused to eat the salmon mousse for lunch she did not give up. Nor did she say, “I understand, have a peanut butter sandwich.” She then lied and said that” it was tuna, her mistake.” There was absolutely no choice in this household, I’d still be sitting there, hunched over, 42 years later if I hadn’t gulped it down, quickly throwing back whatever beverage was at hand. Believe me, no way was it soda, I’m betting on milk.

My husband eats salmon often when we go out to eat as does my mother and almost every person I know. Is there a salmon conspiracy? (I’m kidding) I have tried tiny bits of salmon in different forms with different toppings, yes, I want to like it. I don’t. Believe me, at 56 years old, there is no one, no chef, no expert that could make me eat salmon willingly. Hey, Top Chef, why don’t you make this one of your challenges? Because no one would win? Want to try it? Game on.

I’m sick of the articles in every Health Magazine about the benefits of eating this red-headed monster fish. I don’t even like looking at it on the plate. I feel like I’m supposed to feel guilty for NOT eating it and if I get really sick, which is inevitable, people around me will point a slim finger at me and say “You really should have forced yourself to eat salmon, it’s really not that bad.” So, don’t blame me, blame Natalie who forced me to eat it and I never recovered after that experience.

My daughter was a picky eater ever since she began eating solid foods, she would not eat the turkey, lamb, meat baby food. She spit it out. Know what? I didn’t force her to eat it, how could I? She wouldn’t swallow it. I let her eat other things instead and not junk. Today she is an admirable vegetarian, not eating meat for ethical reasons. Her older brother once tried to make her eat a tiny bite of his hamburger at McDonald’s and she did but she spit it out. So, in our house we have one vegetarian and one carnivore. I think we were too easy, looking back, not making our kids try things and offering options instead but we were new parents. Not wanting to make other people’s mistakes, as usual, we made our own.

9 thoughts on “I Hate Salmon, So Stop Making Me Feel So Damn Guilty!

  1. I totally agree. The red fish is evil and no matter how fresh it is it still tastes like kitty breath, and I love tuna, squid, yellowtail, and other mild fish sushi.


  2. My husband and I lived in Russia for many years and were served salmon, much of it really bad, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was smoked, raw as in carpaccio, baked, grilled, pan-fried, steamed, cold, hot, room temperature, you name it, we had it. Now, neither of us can eat it, not even the wild varieties. The smell reaches deep into our olfactory receptors and triggers a ‘yuck’ response!


  3. I hate salmon, I hate liver, I hate turnips. My Mother never made us eat something if we didn’t like it. I never made my kids eat anything they didn’t like either. I remember when the kids were little I gave little Danny some green beans. He took one look at them and started crying. Poor little boy, I took them off his plate. He still doesn’t eat them and he is almost 26. And I still hate liver.


  4. I am not a fan of Salmon either. It is too fishy…yes I know it’s a fish, but when a fish smells like fish, then it’s not fresh…and this fish is fishy! I have eaten some I liked, but it had to be the freshest…and maybe it was caught in a different area? Heck I don’t know, but I do know…it’s normally just yucky.
    I don’t like tuna from a can either. Now a beautiful tuna steak, cooked just until it’s warm all the way through…not that is a good fish…again, if it’s fresh!
    Mahi…I love. But look at he price tag on these fish…no I don’t get these “High in Omega 3’s” fish very often.
    I prefer white fish anyway. And I take a prescription grade fish oil…it doesn’t give you those fish burps…usually.
    But hey….Dr. Oz said, you get the same benefits from Walnuts that you do from Salmon…so I eat some walnuts every day.

    If you don’t like something, there is always something else out there you can get your nutrients from…just stick up your nose at those Salmon loving freaks…and tell them you’ll get those Omega 3’s and antioxidants in other foods. Salmon is not a miracle food, that gives you things you can’t get elsewhere.

    You are not alone!


  5. As a child therapist I think, “a nutty” is a decent phrase!! Also,salmon mousse?? Are you kidding me?? No, you can’t make this stuff up!! I agree!! It is the smelliest, gross tasting FISH ever!! I am health conscious however, I do draw a line. I am sure that somewhere out there SOMEONE can articulate the health benefits of “banana smoothies” 😉 YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!


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