Haiku Heights-Pain

A Pain That I'm Used To

A Pain That I’m Used To (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A knife through my hand

crimson blood pouring out fast

A heart, numb, frozen.


No contact, no love

Babies without touch, react

Doubt, afraid, for life.


Your breath near mine, close

the beat of our hearts, different

Tears tell our story.


Brittle bones, swollen

raw, excruciating pain

A Fibro Flare Up.

Sadness 90/365

Sadness 90/365 (Photo credit: SashaW)


Alone, we will be

No guarantee in life, death

Be at peace with One.

6 thoughts on “Haiku Heights-Pain

  1. Laurie,
    I’m affiliated with a new national Pain organization that is not up on the web yet. (I’m not paid!)
    With permission I would like to send them your Pain Haiku as they are interested in using creative expressions in promos and/or the site itself. However, I need written permission.
    If you give permission send me an e-mail at judithwesterfield@gmail.com with a cut n’paste of the haiku you are giving permission for and whether if you want your name attached or want to remain anonymous.
    Great haiku!


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