And In The End…

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013 (Photo credit: Mark Kens)

Last post of 2112:

After my rather solemn afternoon,(see the post before this one: I pulled myself together and we had a wonderful early dinner as a family, the food was exquisite and our children 18 and 20, entertained us, as usual. The no fighting/no texting rule was in effect. There was much laughter and seriously good food. For my foodies (and I am one of them, here is most of the menu)  Appetizer: There was a choice of raw tuna with tofu, lobster bisque or gnocchi with mushrooms. I chose the gnocchi, our son chose the bisque and my husband ordered the raw (really hard for me not to say EEW) tuna and tofu. I’m trying to be serious here, it’s tough! Our daughter had a salad for an appetizer. You will see why later.

For our entrees: choice of filet mignon (yes, please for the three of us) with mashed potatoes and mushrooms that tasted like frizzled onions, were divine. I eat red meat about once every six months and I dare say, I enjoyed it. Our daughter (the vegetarian) had the gnocchi as a main dish, no mushrooms, in a tomato sauce. In my opinion, they should have stayed with the white (cream?) sauce that we had and my daughter agreed. The other options were…..I have no idea as soon as we saw the filet mignon we didn’t concentrate, sorry. Wait, my husband said there was also chicken and a seafood risotto and maybe something else. He also said once he saw the steak he couldn’t concentrate. On the table there were slices of dark raisin/walnut bread and some hard wheat bread.(Okay, so I ordered more bread for the table so I could have two slices of the raisin walnut bread with butter.) It was an occasion( and I have been eating like a bunny.)

For dessert there were three options: Linzer torte (we’re HERE!!!) or chocolate mousse cake with coffee crunch ice cream ( or vanilla) and pumpkin cheesecake that we all laughed about. My husband and I could not decide so we ordered one linzer torte and one chocolate mousse and split both in half. Sometimes, you just need both. They also offered sorbet ( seriously?) but our family doesn’t even count that as an option but they did offer it so I thought I should tell you.

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m grateful. Grateful for my loving family, grateful I got through the day and that I talked to both my sister and my mother, grateful I can put my nightshirt on soon. I will feel happier when my daughter texts me when she arrives at her destination, moms worry like that, yup, we do.

To all my readers, I am GRATEFUL for you. Thank you for keeping me going, for your comments, for your dedication. I’m about to reach 1,000 posts really soon!!

This would not be complete if I did not acknowledge some very special friends that I feel extremely close to (even though I have never met them in person) These women I feel honored to call my friends and my support system. I actually feel closer to these women than some that live around the block. I mean that with all my heart and as they know, I wear my heart on my sleeve.  Great love and hugs to: Judy/Judith, Maureen, Rosemary, Ash, Michelle, and Tammy. I LOVE all of you. If your name is not mentioned I swear I came to a complete blank. You know who you are, please forgive me and just write your names in here _________________ and ___________________. I apologize.

Wishing you all a HAPPY AND HEALTHY 2013.


From me,

Laurie xoxoxo

9 thoughts on “And In The End…

  1. What an amazing meal that sounds like, Laurie! I wish we had been there with you to share it & celebrate our friendship & kinship!
    I’m so sorry the day is such a tough one for you, though. Believe in the messages, and believe in Love. Love never dies.

    Sending you wishes for the BEST of everything in 2013, and most of all for Healing.
    All my Love,


  2. I’m so glad u had a nice New Years Eve…I know how tuff it is on you. A lovely dinner with ur family was just wat u needed…ur such an amazing writer, friend, sister and human being Laurie…I’m honored to know you and love you.


  3. The search button worked perfectly. YES!!!!!

    The comment button – the little black thingey in the top right corner – ain’t great. I couldn’t find “Post Comment” anywhere and was about to give up when I saw the little black thingey in the top right corner. I didn’t know what it was but clicked on it out of curiosity and it took me to the comments.
    See if you can get the old way of commenting back.

    Also, I don’t know why you have the URL leading off your post? That’s the link to your post which you don’t need since you are already on the post .. .

    You also may have a widget-button to link to your Facebook page you can put up on the sidebar?


  4. Geeeeeeeez, TOTAL decadence! I NEVER want to hear you complain again, never, ever!
    I had campbell’s soup for lunch and a box of ready-made, bad tasting macaroni & cheese for dinner (that I boiled myself). I ate it in my room alone, directly out of the pot because I am too weak to get a dish from the cupboard and I am trying not to expose my husband to my germs. I have no idea what he ate in the other room or even when he ate it. My nose is raw and red, my head is throbbing, my sinuses are stuffed closed and I gasp for air through my mouth which has caused my lips to be dry and cracked. My body aches, my hip hurts (even though I’ve had 3 weeks of PT for it). I’m wearing a dirty sweat-shirt hoddie. I feel wonderful and loved because you sent me GREAT LOVE AND HUGS (even tho I’m contagious) in your post.
    P.S. I just sneezed on this comment so you’d better swab it down with Lysol.


    • I NEVER complain about FOOD. I’m a foodie, love it. I think I caught your cold already. I feel it coming on. And I will bitch and moan and blame you while I eat my chicken soup
      (it’s against the law in NY and CA to eat tomato soup when you have a cold). I’m sorry u r miserable but frankly your vivid description made me feel nauseous so I hope you
      are happy. You are allowed to be cranky (no kidding) but perhaps a hot shower or bath might help? If not, I suggest Afrin nose spray at night and some decongestant for the day.
      You’re welcome.


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