Fibromyalgia And Flunking The Sobriety Test

Sunset Police Car

Sunset Police Car (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Calm down, it’s not what you think. I can’t handle alcohol on ANY level, never could. Way back in my college days my friends would order a pitcher of beer and a Coke for me.  My now 20-year-old son’s advice is that I didn’t try hard enough. I should have just kept drinking because “it gets better.”  I’m sorry. I’m apparently a disappointment to my daughter and husband too.

One would think with my distaste for alcohol I would potentially have NO trouble with the law. That might not be the case. I went to my doctor, months ago, because I had consistent tingling in my legs and my internist (of course) referred me to a neurologist. The appointment was made and I forgot about it while my husband and I vacationed in Rhode Island for a few days. We had bright, sunny skies, we dug our toes into the silky sand, and ate raspberry scones, home-made sticky baked french toast for breakfast every day with a bowl of fresh blueberries and inexpensive lobster rolls at night. We napped daily.

One day I remember walking towards our car to my husband and then……. I was down……. I was on the floor, lying down, face down and have no idea what happened. Did I black out? Maybe. My knees and legs were bloody and filled with gravel but luckily my face was in good shape, apparently at the last-minute my husband said my arm came up instinctively to save my face. I hadn’t slipped on anything, there were no stones to tumble on, there was no logical reason this happened. I hadn’t twisted my ankle or sprained any ligament. I just went down. I wasn’t happy. Nobody was happy.

Upon my return I was even more nervous about seeing the neurologist who had ordered a plethora of tests including a CAT scan. My brain was perfect, the tests were perfect. Except for one. I could not, literally could NOT, walk a straight line. He told me I flunked that one outright and he had no idea why. He also felt there was no need to pursue it after seeing my brain scan. It’s true that a symptom of Fibromyalgia is imbalance but drunken-looking imbalance? Let’s say I was tired and driving sloppily, imagine a police car pulling me over and asking me to walk a straight line, maybe they would even give me a do-over since my breathalyzer test was normal…. I swear I’d be in the slammer pretty darn fast. Hopefully, you can still make one phone call. Even better, do you think I should get a doctor’s note?

5 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia And Flunking The Sobriety Test

  1. I fall a lot….I have fallen out of my bed twice in recent memory, I have fallen up the stairs too. I drop things, I knock over glasses of water and drop toast face down. Am I clumsy? Am I getting old? I don’t know the answer, but my kids and hubby are entertained by my antics. YAY for them.


  2. I don’t like like this post, Laurie, but I’m “liking” it anyway.
    My input, for what it’s worth…

    Spatial disorientation is very common among the folks I know with ME/CFS, and FMS. I routinely slam shoulders or hips into doors, door frames, the corner edge where the hall starts, etc. I often walk down our narrow hall with one hand trailing to wall, just to help keep me centered. I have broken my little toes countless times by slamming them into things that have always been there.

    The more tired I am, the worse it is. But there are also the random, out of the blue, moments, when if I didn’t know better, I would think we’d had a small earthquake… as if suddenly the floor is not stable, and everything around me shifts position ever so slightly. My body rocks as the floor seems to have tilted – I feel like I’m on a boat for a few moments.

    Sometimes, if I’m talking to Rhiannon when this happens, and I pause, mid-word, to re-orient myself, I simply say, “Earthquake,” and then carry on with our conversation. She understands, because it happens to her, too.

    I’m pretty sure this is on some of the symptom lists. Will check tomorrow – falling asleep as I write…
    Good night, my friend…


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