Haiku Heights: Rescue

Accident on an Icy Road

Accident on an Icy Road (Photo credit: born1945)

Frozen breath, standing

ice, painful, purple digits

Drill me from the car.


Crying, storms, blackness

hidden away, my heart bleeds

Waiting for your soul.


Tumble, tenderly

Alone, huddled with children

Until you found me.

9 thoughts on “Haiku Heights: Rescue

  1. Sad and looks pretty bad. Right now, outside, we have sheets of ice on the road so I’m skipping my martial arts class… and this visual confirms my decision to stay home. TY!


  2. The psychological trauma before the rescue as depicted here is more damaging. That fear of not being found lingers on more permanently than the physical injuries. Nicely Laurie!



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