10 Random Things That Would Make Me Very Happy


Laughter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Borders Reopening ( I have been lost without Borders, it was my go-to place, a place to buy books,  look at books, drink coffee, talk to people and generally make my life a  happier place. Let me tell you Target is NOT a suitable replacement but that’s all I’ve got now. The library used to be a nice place until they found one bed bug after a sale and having OCD, I don’t trust the books anymore. I think, if they found one bedbug, the relatives must be nearby and angry.

2. All my good friends would live in a 3 block radius.

3. “Certain people” wouldn’t gang up on me-consciously or unconsciously (God forbid I say their names, I would HEAR about it in 2 minutes with a lecture or small therapy session)

4. Laughing ( When was the last time I really laughed, out loud, clutching my stomach?)

5. A new vanilla based Ben & Jerry ice cream that I would love (Coconut layer cake comes close but it needs something else…)

6. Knowing how to work this damn computer.

7. Having a sense of direction to get to Apple or anyplace without getting lost a hundred times and yes I do have

a GPS system, we call her Jill. (I always assume she is wrong) Big mistake.

8. Having A LOT of money so I could take a vacation or 3 or 4 or 10.  FIRST CLASS.

9. Writing and publishing a best-selling “novel.”

10. Freshly squeezed orange juice every day (that does not come from a bottle or carton.)

English: A horse 'laughing'.

English: A horse ‘laughing’. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6 thoughts on “10 Random Things That Would Make Me Very Happy

  1. Not so very much to wish for. Write Ben and Jerry’s, maybe they will name a new flavor after you!
    Laughter is necessary for mental, physical, and spiritual well being….my humble opinion. My hubby says I’m the only person he knows who can laugh at themselves so hard it makes me pee. (or causes an asthma attack, – there’s one of my wishes, get this dang asthma under control.) I find I laugh every day now. In the evenings, hubby and I make a point of spending time together, usually watching TV, but we often start talking, well…we are silly people, and we just end up making us silly things, often from what I think I hear….but really, we are so silly together.

    Find what makes you feel silly, and laugh my dear, laugh! The more little laughs you have the more likely you will have that belly clutching laugh! *snort* (that always gets me, I’ll start laughing and Stuart will say “You snorted!” it just makes me laugh harder.

    About people talking about you…Water off a Duck’s Back….don’t let it stick. It happens to all of us, we have to just let it go. I know easier said than done. I’ve had one person really talk horribly about me…I’d call it slander…but I try to shut the hurt out and think good thoughts her way, wish her well: and just hope she leaves me alone. (it’s been going on off and on for 10 years, a person I once loved so very much, but I just stay away and don’t justify anything she says by acknowledging it.)

    Hope you find a bookstore you love. Local bookstores around here have come a long way! I like them much better than the big stores. And I’m supporting the local economy. (well if I bought many books any more, if they aren’t free for Kindle or at the library, I normally don’t read them)

    Here’s hoping at least some of your wishes come true.


  2. This would be my list, except for the OJ, don’t really like OJ. Does anybody have a coconut ice cream? Vanilla ice cream with pieces of cake and coconut. I need some. I also would love to travel, but first I have to get over my fear of flying.


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