Me, First.


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I need to give myself more time to trust people, I need to stop following just my emotions and balance myself instead of falling in love with people.  I AM a Libra after all. People need to prove themselves to me, slowly, before I trust them. No more eyes lighting up with a friendly smile, no more picking out a person and internally saying “I want HER to be my friend.” Nope, not gonna happen anymore.

I’m too old for this.  Stranger people are often more attracted to me, people with stories upon stories because I do like to help and I am a good listener.I am also the most gullible person alive because I believe in truth and have learned the hard way, several times, that many people are manipulative and NOT honest, not even a bit.  People sniff out that I am a good and loyal friend because I always get sucked in. I’m not doing that anymore. I’m too old to do that,

I need to take care of myself, finally. Me. I come first. Not some stranger on the Internet or the woman picking trash and me encouraging her to come to my house so she could take our cans. Of course, she could take our cans but that’s not really the point. I don’t have to become her to be nice to her, I don’t need to get wrapped up in her life to feel her pain. I do what I can do. I don’t need to borrow her sadness and take it on, we all have sadness in our lives, struggles. Being empathetic is good, taking on everyone’s pain as your own is not.

Of course I feel horrible for the family whose husband has cancer and yes, I donated money, not a lot, but the amount we could afford. I wrote them a note to offer help because that is something I can give but I can’t pretend that this family whom I have never met are my best friends. I don’t know them, I just know that someone’s husband and children’s daddy does not have long to live, for the mother and father and siblings who have to bury him. I am sad for that. For anyone facing that.

I mourned for the little girl who died of cancer who I knew really only from the internet. I became attached to her as many people did. I checked on her status as often as I could. I followed her photographs. There was one photograph that had a lasting impression on me, it looked like she was walking straight into heaven’s door, and she was still alive. Talia Castellano, I still think of you, you definitely have left your mark on the world and on my soul. That is not something I want to ever change.

But, I no longer want to be that quivering duck, hiding in the corner anticipating disaster before it presents itself, worrying before there is something t worry about. As an old friend used to say “Don’t meet worry half way.” No longer a duck, I am a lioness, strong, in control, protective of my loved ones, independent. A lioness, a strong woman, in nature. I have my family, I have my two soul sisters, Ash and Michelle, I have my close friends.

I need more bubble wrap, more of a shield to protect myself instead of always caring too much for others. It can’t continue. My friends know I will be there in a heartbeat, there is no doubt. I need to strengthen MY boundaries and tighten up some rules. Not for you, for me. I want to stay centered and make my life easier. Because, damn it, I deserve it. I am tired of being super sensitive and people, I am sure, are sick of it too. I need a thicker skin, so that annoyances, criticism, hurt feelings will roll off my back like oil and water. I want to be those little beads that form and separate and not get emotionally weighed down all the time. I’m not saying it will be easy or that I won’t get sucked back in sometimes but I am going to make a conscious effort to be aware of it. I need a filter from the outside world, a shield. This is my life too.

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5 thoughts on “Me, First.

  1. Laurie, I am so different! I trust few people when I meet them, I look at everyone and wonder what their story is. I see right through people and sometimes dislike them immediately and I really don’t like being like this. Maybe it is because I worked for the police for so many years, and I know people are often not as they project….they hide the bad and mean parts of themselves with smiles. I think I would rather be like you.

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  2. Ah, honey, how well I know the feelings. For me, part of it is Asperger’s. It was really enlightening to figure out that THAT had been one huge reason I was always honest, and expecting the same honesty from others. I could never understand – and still can’t, really – why people choose to be manipulative, to lie or stretch the truth, to say one thing to your face and another behind your back. My brain is just not wired that way, I can’t do that, but now I understand why others can.
    So many times, sucked in, suckered, because I assumed someone was telling the truth. But now I have learned better. Too bad it took me so many years to figure it out.
    And being an empath, intuitive… yes, there with you. You CAN learn to shield yourself, but I can’t really explain how. But you can also learn to use that Gift, and a Gift it is, to send Love and healing thru the connection you have with another… like I am sending you right now, dearheart. Love you.

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  3. Oh my god, are you me? Except that I’m Pisces, and do not have the same way with words that you do (how beautifully you express your feelings!), but goodness me, I think if I lived to 120 I will never figure people out – who is genuine, who is manipulative. I get sucked in All.The.Time. When you discover the secret ingredient about others, please let me have some 🙂

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