The Many Ways of Making Amends


SIN EDITAR (Photo credit: angel almanzo grupo 52)

People should think about how they behave, in general, especially if there are disagreements and disharmony. To some people saying “I’m sorry” comes naturally, to others it’s a huge, stubborn struggle. Around the world there are different techniques, prayers, rituals to atone for your sins.  In the Jewish tradition, the day of Atonement falls on Yom Kippur where practicing Jews fast all day to atone for their sins. They fast from sundown, the night before until after sundown of Yom Kippur. Catholics have confession when they go to church and can confess their sins where they are given a penance, some real duty to do and their sins will be forgiven.

I am more a spiritual person than a religious one. I don’t need a special day to atone for my sins, I try to do that every day I can, I often fail. I am a faulty individual who has to think back and concentrate on what I have done wrong and how I can make it better. It’s really as simple as that. Acknowledging that you are not perfect is the first step.Acknowledging other people are not perfect is the step after that.

I have never minded apologizing to my kids when I was wrong. I find it easier to apologize to my children than to my husband, I’m working on that…I have family members both in my family and in my extended family who would rather eat dirt than apologize. They will dance around an apology by changing the subject a hundred time and still will never say “I’m sorry.” It’s really not so difficult if you can swallow your foolish pride and admit that you are wrong. By not doing so you are only making things more difficult and complicated, creating more of a drama for everyone. It may infuriate me but there is nothing I can do to change it. Here, I need to start breathing slowly and accept them for who they are. I never said it was easy.

In my opinion only, I don’t think you need to be in a Temple or Church or Mosque or any other organized religion to believe in a spiritual and greater power. That’s my message, you don’t NEEED to do anything special if you want to atone for your sins, you can sit on a park bench and watch the stream go by, adopt a dog, do a good deed, help an elderly person weed her garden. Anyone or thing that you love and cherish as a holy being is wonderful if YOU believe in it. You can think about things you want to improve upon in the future. We all should do the best we know how to do and then try just a little harder.

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6 thoughts on “The Many Ways of Making Amends

  1. Telling someone you are sorry isn’t worth a hill of beans if they don’t listen. That is a big problem. I have a lot of people in my life that just won’t listen. They can’t, they won’t. When is it OK to stop saying “I’m sorry?”


  2. Beautiful, Laurie, and I agree wholeheartedly and understand, too. There is a person in my life who I have apologized to many times, and truly meant it, from my Heart, but I guess she has not been ready to accept my apologies yet. So I would add, that if a person does apologize for hurting you, then try to forgive them, and understand that many times, hurting you wasn’t their intention, but simply the consequences of what seemed like the best decisions to make at the time. I think we all make the best decisions we can in life, based on our mental and emotional state, and our knowledge of the situation. Often, our decisions are ones we regret later. But at the time, they seemed the right choice of action. Even people who intentionally hurt others are doing it for some inner reason that we can never understand, but it makes sense to them. Rather than hate them, they deserve our pity and our foregiveness. Hate and anger only hurts the one feeling it.

    But Love, compassion, forgiveness, these help and heal not only us, but all those around us, too. And we can serve as an example to others, to pass it on.
    With great Love for you & Michelle,


  3. Very nice post. My dad was never able to say the words that he was sorry, but he would show you in a thousand ways. Much easier to be able to say it as well.


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