Blood Moon, FWF: Kellie Elmore/ Mark

Blood Moon

Blood Moon (Photo credit: AZAdam)

Blood red moon

when the stars stop twinkling out of fear

there is a different air, like holding your

breath way too long, past the point

of sanity.

Crimson streaks of blood are streaming down the bold

crisscrossed striped lines on her wrists and her arms

like a colored waterfall,

past the point of pain.

This was the day, the day she had been waiting for,

to ease her troubled, drug induced life.

Heroin was her hero,

this was the only way she could be free, she knew that.

Blood red moon, outside the window, looking in.

Finally, she was slipping away, she would be successful in death.

13 thoughts on “Blood Moon, FWF: Kellie Elmore/ Mark

  1. Your authentic approach woke different thoughts inside of me, amazing writing for such a dark topic. In a way, reminds me of how things feel when there’s a bushfire moon (a burnt ruddy red moon), a sullen sense of inevitable loss in various ways for community, and individuals, after braving a fight for so long, only to be overcome in too great of a firestorm, a wall of terror that crushes all, to only leave once living lives as charcoal behind.


  2. Very different and unique take on the prompt, I loved the story. It took me to a very different place full of pain and sadness but also … all good writing will do that. Thank you for sharing!


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