Haiku Heights, Thanks

Haiku Heights #310 – Thanks!

Haiku Heights says Good-Bye!
I admit it, I’m not mature and I don’t
like change. First, my favorite, “Carry on Tuesday”
leaves, now this, I need 24 hours to get used
to change. Sigh. Oh well, thank you for 3 wonderful
years and best of luck to you.
Screw you haiku, thanks
 Everything changes; love lost
My lips pout like tears

13 thoughts on “Haiku Heights, Thanks

  1. Thank you, Laurie. I hope the 24 hours hasn’t gone by yet. Sorry for the sadness that came with my decision. Your support, and others’ as well, that has made me rethink my decision. I’m not closing down HH as yet.


    • don’t toy with our emotions 🙂 but from past experience. DO NOT LET US SWAY YOU. because, you will feel bad, keep it going ( feeling resentful) and then shut it down soon. then we will feel resentful. if you know “my beloved carry on tuesday” talk to him. if you want to say goodbye, do it now. truly. you can always start it up again in the future.


      • I honestly don’t feel like letting go just yet. CoT was quite close to my heart as well, and I’m sad it is not there anymore. I’m not keeping it going because I feel bad that I’ve let so many people feel down. I do feel bad, yes. But I’ve decided to keep it going, because over the last how-many-ever hours since I posted it, I’ve been feeling sad too. Even Keith also had decided to close down once, and then resumed because the CoT faithful had shown him CoT was close to many a heart 🙂 he quit a second time and that time for good. HH is back for now, Laurie.


      • you mean you are saying hello now? I’m going to think about this. Keith had every right to close, as do you. but his closing twice was hard to take. us sensitive writers (esp. me!!) get too involved <3. I'm going to give HH a little wait and see. You've said goodbye already, for a reason. I think you are being swayed by the fans. not reason enough. I still miss Keith but I got over it.


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