New Year’s Eve Is Not Always Happy

Two Candles

Two Candles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For all the people dreading tomorrow night, I’m here. I’m dreading it too. There are hundreds of reasons to dread it and I’m not even going to bother mentioning them, because you know why? They don’t matter. You feel what you feel and no one can deny your feelings. You have every right to acknowledge how you feel, just please try not to cover them up and drink irresponsibly.

I admit, I wish I did drink, one cocktail or one glass of wine. I hate the taste of alcohol, always did, even in college when friends were trying to get me to drink watery, warm beer and I just couldn’t do it. The taste was awful. I didn’t “practice” drinking so I got used to it and I didn’t let my friends change my mind. They would go up to the bar and order two pitchers of beer and one glass of Coke.

To this day I will have a sip of someone’s drink to see if I like it but I haven’t been successful. The closest I have come is Amaretto mixed with milk or orange juice or a sour mix, sometimes I can drink a half of one of those drinks. Generally, if I take a sip or two of my husband’s wine I say “I feel it already” and I do. My adult children make fun of me but again, drinking to them is like chips and dips to our generation. Believe me, I’m not condoning it. Trust me.

Whether you go to bed at ten tomorrow night, ( I’ve done that plenty of times, ) or you and your best friend, your dog, your spouse, your life partner, relative, facebook buddy stay up till after midnight, I wish you all a Happy 2014. I don’t plan a thing on New Year’s Eve except a good dinner at a very early seating in a nice restaurant, with my husband and two grown-up children, this year with my mom because she had no plans.

I’ll be honest, at 10:20pm I will know exactly when to look at the clock, and I will remember all too clearly that twelve years ago my beloved father passed away in a hospital, with no one there by his side.  I talked to the surgeon, I asked him if I could come and I remember his gentle voice saying “No sweetie, don’t come it will be too late.” I was able to talk to the ICU nurse who promised to give my dad a message and I gave my Dad permission to leave us, telling him we would take care of each other.
I mentioned a special word that he and I used together. He passed away within minutes.

So, whatever your sorrow is, whatever your personal story is, I understand. I truly do. You can write them down here or to me privately if you feel like talking about it. Just remember you are not alone, there are people who love you and staying up until midnight is not such a big deal. Tomorrow will come, as it always does.

Happy 2014 to all my readers, to my friends. I wish you peace, health, happiness. I wish you joy.

7 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Is Not Always Happy

  1. I’m becoming more and more convinced we were twins in another life. New Year’s has never been a big holiday for me, never understood the hype and I don’t drink either. My favorite aunt passed away on Christmas, my mother died a week into the New Year; my best friend and Dad were both diagnosed with terminal cancer around the holidays. So this time of year I’m on a roller coaster, enjoying the festivities of the holidays but always with that tinge of sadness in the background. And now that I”m battling my own illness, I can’t help worrying what’s ahead as I face a New Year. But then I think of friends like you and all the laughter and love we share and the fun we will have when you and Stretch and I finally get together, and everything else fades further into the background. Life becomes the joyous experience I want it to be. 🙂


  2. My mom’s mother passed away after an accident in the New Years Eve. My mom was 13 at the time, and she had 2 small kids to watch: brother and sister. They had no food, they had no money, and the father was in army and the oldest brother was hiding from recruiting in the army. It was the II World War. However, regardless of number of passed years, my mom still remembers every smallest detail of that night. How her mom was baking pastry and suddenly fall to the ground dead because she had experienced a head injury during the day. No doctor’s were to help. Thus, the situation was hopeless.
    My dad passed away when I could not get over to Europe. My daughter told he looked at her and was seeing me. He had told: so you came my dear daughter. It’s terrible. There are things which we will never be able to correct or turn into something else. They just happen. It’s not always that we are in control of everything. However, that’s no reason for suffering all life long and live with some sort of guilt. We come into this world knowing we will have to leave. Every single one of us is here as a guest and we have to be fine with that and make most of the time we have.


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