To Huff Po,

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English: Arianna Huffington attending the premiere of The Union at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Arianna,

“Ten Things You Do To Make Yourself Look Ten Years Older?” Really?  SO WHAT!!!

On behalf of so many women what on earth were you THINKING when you approved that horrid article about “10 ways to appear younger for women? ” We are still reeling with disappointment and frankly we thought perhaps you might have been on vacation that week. That truly would have been the only excuse (and that’s pushing it) for you to have allowed that article to run.

Here was my initial reaction on Facebook: “Dear Arianna, at Huff Po, this is an offensive article. People should be comfortable in their own skin. I wear mom jeans and sneakers all the time, I have adult children (okay my daughter) that would love for me to be more fashionable, guess what? Too bad. I’m 57 and while I need to get used to forming the word sixty, I am perfectly comfortable being who I am. Wisdom has to be acquired, dear. So, a little advice, whoever said okay to this article should be fired. Or at least, get someone to write a counter point. Like me. I’m happy to do it for you.”

After doing a little research about Huff Po what I read and I’m merely paraphrasing is that much of the staff is comprised of “twenty-somethings.” Way to go to get a true, objective article on aging. Arianna, please, get a grip and turn the once loved magazine around, before it’s too late.

What about enhancing our beauty and embracing our lives at whatever ages we are? No more mom jeans? Tough, some of us like mom jeans, you could have, however, said “wear a belt, or a colorful scarf to accessorize.”  Comfortable shoes? My sneakers are great for my feet and I don’t need nor do I have the money to buy “comfortable shoes that are stylish.” Sure, I have looked at those they cost $1,000 and  $400.00 not $100 and besides Ms. Huffington, where do you think we are going at night?

Some might have the income you have but most of us don’t.  A night out for me is either cooking dinner or once in a while going out to an inexpensive dinner ( my husband is currently unemployed in the Computer Industry and I have a chronic pain disease) taking off my “mom jeans” and”sneakers” and happily changing into my pajamas or sweat pants (gasp, yes, I did say that) pulling off my unfitted bra and relaxing at home, reading a book or watching some benign television show that makes me happy.

Call me totally mindless and stupid but I get personal pleasure out of watching shows like “Parenthood” or “Gray’s Anatomy” instead of horrifying news or tv shows that display all blood, guts and murder. There’s enough of that in the real world, thank you very much.

Once my greatest dream was to publish an article in The New York Times or The Huffington Post. Now, I don’t really think that would be much of an achievement after all. But, you do owe it to women who are fuming across the country to show them this side of the story about aging.

If you and your loved ones are healthy, be happy to awaken to another day, enjoy your loved ones as they love you. Look at yourself in the mirror, without any make-up or new dress- up changes; if you  see some wrinkles? Smile, you have lovingly earned them. Be happy with yourself, just the way you are.

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20 thoughts on “To Huff Po,

  1. Sorry I missed her article. But I enjoyed yours. You sure know how to wield a rant. 🙂

    I do feel sort of younger and more uplifted when I strap into my reinforced under-wire brassiere and tilt the old milkjugs skyward. Was that one of her ten ideas?

    (I’ve got a case of the sillies going tonight.)


      • I lived emerged in agism in the land of the free. Both I and my husband “aged out” of employment in our mid-fifties. Doctor and software engineer dun-fer at our age. I can’t bare to look at an article telling me how to “look” younger. The whole Idea is repellant to me. The implications are ghastly. I would have to rant. Like right now. 🙂


      • another similarity? My husband the unemployed software engineer… but both of our kids are in college. the stress…you must have saved while you were both working, please say yes so I don’t worry about you and can fall asleep tonight… if you get desperate, let us know and we’ll fly up and join u and split the expenses. Dan has a European passport already. Hugs. Laurie

        Warm wishes, Laurie


      • You’d mentioned (I forget where) you’re husband being an unemployed software engineer. That why I told you.

        It sounds like you’ve been able to “land” gracefully. I’m happy to hear this.

        We’re fine. We saved. We paid off the house. Then we sold it.

        This was the result of a lifetime of frugality and financial caution bordering on paranoia from growing up with depression-era parents. We’re one of the lucky ones who could sell the house.

        France would not have let us in without our savings, private health insurance, an initial place to live and a software “project” plan.

        I would love to get EU passports for us all. But this remains to be seen.

        Yes.I’m tired of the bureaucracy and I’m pulling my hair out trying to find us a place to live with a climate that works for us.

        Thanks for all the support.

        All the best.



  2. It’s not just women who were upset about that article. It was an ageist insult, period. All older adults should have been outraged.

    Ageism is rampant in our society. Just the other week the TV show The Doctors had a feature explaining to men why they should have a scrotum rejuvenation operation!

    Great post!


  3. You go girl and tell Ariana what the real world is like. I fear the culture of trying to look 30 years (forget 10) younger than one really is is rampant in southern California. I would like an article on how to accessorize my brain to act 30 years younger.

    P.S. I hope Ariana has gotten some botox to get rid of those wrinkles around her eyes since that picture was taken.


  4. AMEN!!!! Thank you Laurie. I have scars and wrinkles and dry chapped skin from breast cancer treatments but so what? I’m alive and living to enjoy each day and neither I nor anyone else should be made to feel inferior because our bodies no longer look the way they did when we were 20 something!


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