Mindfulness, Mine

Clinical research shows Buddhist mindfulness t...

Clinical research shows Buddhist mindfulness techniques can help alleviate anxiety , stress , and depression (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I heard that heavy snow is in the forecast for the entire week and upcoming weekend. Guess what? I don’t even care! I am not even upset about it or cranky.

This would usually put me in a tailspin or a slight depression but I’m not feeling it. What? It’s true, I’m not grumpy at all.

In fact, all I can picture in my head is green grass and red, perky tulips. Who am I?  What on earth has happened to me?

Everyone who knows me will attest to the fact that every single winter from start to finish, and that’s usually May, I complain compulsively about the freezing temperatures and how my body and soul aches every single minute. Granted, having Fibromyalgia, does not help matters at all but still, I hate, HATE cold weather.

Yet, today in the movie theater, seeing Labor Day, watching a record of 7 previews,  I’m smiling. Right before I started eating my naked popcorn and drinking Diet Coke, an image appeared to me. I swear. I saw red tulips and green, green grass (no, not that kind.) I have not taken any hallucinogenic or any other kind of drugs and I am as surprised as you are. This lovely image popped into my head and I felt happy and calm.

A view inside some tulips, showing the stamens...

A view inside some tulips, showing the stamens and stigmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hear the new buzz word is “Mindfulness.” I have tried to be mindful of where my head and emotional self are long before this became popular. I’m happy that it is a new “thing.” I need all the help and support I can get. I have tried not to worry in advance and not look back either.

Maybe the beautiful sight of the red tulips and the green grass is my go-to symbol for my new mindfulness? At least it’s showing I am trying which is better than not. You can’t stop trying to grow, to learn and to teach yourself different things.

I am going to try to hold on to this calmness as long as I can and even when I start getting cranky ( is it inevitable? ) I hope at least I will remember the photos in my head. Or, perhaps one of you will remind me that I did have that lovely image for real.

I really am being mindful of that.

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1 thought on “Mindfulness, Mine

  1. Hello, I’m sorry I don’t comment as I should, but please know I do read. Often, late at night on my phone when I can’t sleep….I read my friends blog posts….I know you are there, and it helps.

    now…I had no idea that Mindfulness is the new buzz word. I think that’s funny. I’ve been studying Buddhism for a while now. and yes, Mindfulness helps. It helps a lot. Meditation has helped more than I can say. It gets me through vertigo attacks better than I thought would be possible. Consciously feeling compassion and love, not just for others but also for myself, helps. I’m don’t have as many of the bad days where i just feel like I’m full of angst over the fact that my life is so different….so…well you know… I’m seeing much more of what I am grateful for.

    So I guess I’m in on a trend I didn’t know existed. Mindfulness is hard. Thinking before I speak and only saying what needs to be said, is almost impossible for me….but I’m trying to be better. (no you would never know it by how I often ramble, trying yes, succeeding not yet).

    Staying mindful sounds like it’s working for you. It has been working for me.

    Warmth in our minds may help us over come this vicious cold.
    with love


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