Love, Like Birds


Cardinal (Photo credit: BlueRidgeKitties)

When I heard the cardinal sing its pretty song, for the first time in a very long time, I stopped dead in my tracks to listen. I was in a crowded parking lot but yes, I was being careful. What sound could be more important and more beautiful than that of a cardinal singing its sweet song after a relentless winter.(With no assurance that it is really over)

I happen to have a crush on cardinals more than other birds, I must admit.They have a special family memory for me. The handsome vibrant red male, his “wife” the beautiful, red-gray dancer singing from one to the other, always together like a comforting, well-balanced, special relationship. They look out for one another, they feed each other, they always communicate in song, first one than the other.

I know, we all know, it’s been too long a winter, we can’t change it but the sounds of cardinals and the perfect blue sky, the weather in the upper 40’s makes it seem like we are on vacation, somewhere South. It doesn’t take much to make us happy now.

I wouldn’t say the trees are budding but theyΒ  also aren’t as buck naked as they used to look. They have the promise of blooming, of bringing life on a day like today. It was the beauty of the unexpected, the thing that happens that surprises you, not the droning ritual of a nasal forecaster.

The window of my car was open to let the breeze in, my radio turned up loud, of course the songs were just what I wanted to hear. Today was special, yesterday was freezing, I’m grateful for this moment in time. Spring isn’t here yet but I can see that it really will happen, someday soon.

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13 thoughts on “Love, Like Birds

    • Please tell your YOUNG DAD, his new best friend, says hello back and appreciates that he said hello. After an absolutely horrid day, it’s nice that “our” dad remembered me!!! Now that you are home, I am SURE he is happier and so am I. Can’t wait for the family reunion!!! xoxo


      • I shall tell him you said so. Since he’s had his eyeball lenses replaced and can SEE, he’s really hot on his computer and emails me a lot. He hasn’t quite figured to how to consistently manage comments and follows yet. πŸ™‚


      • I could only see the first part…”and he’s really hot” and I must say that did made me jump in the worst possible way but I am sure he would find that hysterical. I was a bit disgusted with your use of that term with your father but it’s all better now, though the eyeball replacement is in my head and has been….at the very least, if he can’t figure out my email from you, tell him please, that any comment he makes, makes me feel immeasurably better. I can tell he’s a sweet man even ( especially) when he was growling for you to come home. Love, Sisterxoxo


      • HN,
        Yes. “Hot” like enthusiastic about his computer as opposed to polymorphous perversity. I’m an “older generation” member that has still not adjusted to “hot” meaning sexy. πŸ˜‰

        When I asked my thirteen year old if he was “hot” the other day (it was warm out), he thought a moment.

        “No,” he said. “Just reasonably handsome.”

        All the best,


      • Thanks. It’s god to have you around the house. Halfway between California and Ohio??? That would put you… let’s see… Utah or Wyoming. COLD. And no jobs.


      • Dear Alice,
        You must have mistaken, you live in L.A. and he lives in San Francisco because I will be living in Santa Monica or San Diego. Silly. When I fantasize, I fantasize big and we will eat lovely meals and I will bring the sweets and some of them will be healthy but the ones I will bring will not be healthy, they will be yummy and fun. Thanks for writing back!


      • San Diego would be nice. Why don’t you move there and let us live in your garage. You can find a software job for my husband and I could become a marijuana-prescribing doc and become a ga-jillion-aire.

        Dream BIG! my friend. πŸ˜‰


      • Love it, just one tiny problem, maybe the 2 hubbys need to start their own company (think about it or let them exchange resumes) you are definitely the cannabis doctor and I can hire staff and bake goods/beverages for the people in the clinic, getting what you prescribe. We are such good citizens. Come on Sis, we can so DO THIS.


      • You are an amazing kick.I can see it now. Me as “Doc Feel-good”. You in an apron with cakes on white doilies. “Brownies any one? I have plain chocolate or the ones that make the white rabbit sing.” πŸ˜‰



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