Haiku Horizons, Empty

Ripped pieces, blood, knife

Abandoned Shoe

Abandoned Shoe (Photo credit: Auntie P)

stabbed, throttled, dark alleyways

Empty, taken, dead.


Bare gray beach shack, left

Let's Get a Little House Down By the Beach

Let’s Get a Little House Down By the Beach (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

Abandoned with laughter, joy

*A new home for Life.


People weep alone


Despair (Photo credit: fakelvis)

gray tunnels of emptiness

Selfish acts of love.


* a new home for Alice.






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4 thoughts on “Haiku Horizons, Empty

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  2. Ha Ha, I’m glad you noticed that. It is on the water. You could fix it up and definitely paint it yellow. it looks large enough to separate for two families and of course an extra guest wing for when your dad wants to visit or my mom. THINK of the possibilities.I think I’m getting desperate or flying into the first realm of insanity. What’s up, Doc?


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