Hostess Orange Cupcakes (Food Cop)

Rumor has it that Hostess orange cupcakes  are back in production. Shhh, you might not want to read this out loud. They’re baaaaack (if  you can find them.) I love these more than Twinkies. When I heard that Twinkies were back on the market I put a lot of effort to find them so I’m back on the job. The year of “The Gazpacho Diaries” seems tame now. Please think of me when you go shopping…I’ll pay you back.

We were visiting our two college kids when we stopped along the way to get gas and a snack. Out of the corner of my eye, winking at me madly, flirting those big, fake, black eyelashes at me, I  saw in the corner of my eye the orange globes with the famous white squiggle on top. They were positively grinning. YES!!!!!!!! Pure happiness for me.

"Omigod! This flavor won't exist for very...

“Omigod! This flavor won’t exist for very much longer…” Matthew tracked down Hostess Orange Cupcakes–research for an upcoming movie/date night. (Photo credit: BoopBoopBoopBoop)eyelashes up and down and grinning like the princess she is, I saw her. I gasped so loudly that people turned around to look at me. After that I squealed. Now, people had definite questions in their eyes and a WTF look.

Two bright orange globes in a package; I  bought (only) two packages and I was in heaven. The first cupcake I ate was exquisite. I am a dessert fan and not ashamed to say it. I do need dessert after dinner every single night (see my post on The Other Stomach.) I’ve trained myself to eat D (dessert) only after dinner and not after lunch.

The other orange cupcake packages has not been opened, I do have some control but I will open this tomorrow when my son comes home, I want to share the joy with him. My daughter and husband are choc-a-holics so these do not interest them. (Thank goodness)


Happiness (Photo credit: Rickydavid)

I have not seen these delectable delicacies in our neighborhood or the neighborhood in town, I was starting to get worried. Today, I started working and called the three major supermarkets here and asked for the manager. I, very politely, asked if they would be ordering these?  These people were so kind. They told me that “when the Hostess people come in, they will put it on the order list.”  Thank you. No, Really.

But, in addition I will keep looking or reminding them if they forget, I have my son scouring for them upstate. Welcome Back, you orange cuties, I missed you so much.


from your devoted fan

PS please don’t forget the pink snowballs too.


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10 thoughts on “Hostess Orange Cupcakes (Food Cop)

  1. Quinoa cookies? They sound so darn healthy? I personally do not like banana and chocolate together (that was the dessert they offered last night: banana and chocolate bread pudding) but I prefer raisins with just about anything. An oatmeal raisin cookie? YUM. Off in search of more desserts!


  2. Oh dear, I see a vacation to Canada in the future!!! Now I have to try them. Have you had Whoppers, our version of malted milk balls? I wish you hadn’t mentioned them, I have a tendency to find a favorite sweet and go after them…until I find a new one. This may be my next project. I just baked banana bread with raisins, why doesn’t that interest me? from the Malted Milk balls FAN


    • Hi there! Yes, I’ve had Whopper’s and still, my Maltesers beat them!! I know what you mean, I get obsessive about dessert’s!! Banana bread with raisin’s….hmmm, never had raisin’s in them! I go with chocolate chips or walnuts!! I made quinoa cookies on the weekend…..delicious!!! 🙂


  3. Loved your post!!! I too have a passion about food and in particular desserts!!! I LOVE dessert, am a chocoholic, and MALTESER’S are my addiction for snacking……ummmm, they just melt in your mouth beautifully and calm me down….really! So I am very happy for you that your orange cuties, as you call them are back!! Enjoy!!!!!


  4. I never had the orange cupcakes – don’t even remember seeing them in the store …? My favorite was the chocolate as a kid. I think it’s the artificial flavoring and preservatives that I’m addicted to – soooooooooo good and squishy


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