Calling All Cheeseburgers (Food Cop)

We have eaten salad for the last four nights. Our daughter, the vegetarian, approves. I’m glad and it’s healthy but I cannot go another night eating just salad.


Salad (Photo credit: SliceOfChic)

I need a cheeseburger.

I’m not kidding, I really miss red meat and I haven’t had any in months. You would think this would be the time to turn off my craving for red meat and stick to vegetables but why really?

We eat so little of it that I don’t think I should blame myself for having a little red meat when I want, it’s like my blood is calling out for iron. Okay, it’s basically because I am craving the cheeseburger and the french fries, I admit it.

English: Homemade cheeseburger with french fries.

English: Homemade cheeseburger with french fries. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tomorrow, my husband and I are going to get cheeseburgers at a small place in the neighborhood. Their burgers are absolutely divine, their french fries are thin crispy and salty. My cholesterol is fine and my weight is wonderful. I exercise. I look good.

Why am I rationalizing this treat? I have no idea. I guess it seems like I should. Partially because I know our daughter will look down or be disappointed at us but then that happens often she is turning twenty very soon. I can deal with that.

Tonight I ate eggplant with tomato sauce. I had to have a snack at midnight, the salad and eggplant left me starving at 11:30 pm.

eggplant with fresh tomato sauce

eggplant with fresh tomato sauce (Photo credit: Endless Simmer)

I am looking forward to biting into a medium cooked juicy cheeseburger, crisp fries dunked in ketchup and the small salad that comes with it (which I may or may not eat.)

I can’t wait.


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8 thoughts on “Calling All Cheeseburgers (Food Cop)

  1. Wend, NO SUGAR??? I would have a hard time with that, to say the lease. as Judith and Mo know, it’s kind of impossible. tonight’s dessert, with my stomach ache, is a huge jelly doughtnut. it could kill me or cure me. I think the latter. Love, L. this is for you too, Judith.


  2. I just had to have a burger this week. Yes. Same reasoning. I just did.
    Now I’m starting on a diet…die-t. a change your health type of diet. I found a book that I think can help me, finally, with the fructose issues I have, so today I started on the elimination phase. Wish me luck, no burgers for a while.
    A lot of chicken….and fish….and salads.

    I’m sure I’ll want a burger long before I’m allowed to have one. So I hope you enjoy yours.


  3. I made lovely cheeseburgers on Memorial Day, with sauteed red onion and mushrooms, a garlic mayo, a bed of arugula. Oh my. You’ve made my mouth water:). Enjoy the burgers! I could use a bit more salad, so my admiration for sticking with it for four days!


  4. Sounds like a great plan! I love a good burger and it’s when you are craving one that it tastes the best!!! Enjoy! Yes, I am wondering what dessert will be too, lol!!!


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