Yes, Dear Ones, I DO Eat Healthy Food

I love all my readers, I really do, you’ve become more family to me than, well relatives. However, I have one reader who gets very upset when I write about eating pizza with grape jelly or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with mashed potatoes and Baked Lays.

Big Salad

Big Salad (Photo credit: kattebelletje)

It’s true, I do like weird combinations at times. But, my goodness, give me some credit. I don’t eat this ALL the time, just once in a great while as a treat. Now, I know that most people don’t think pizza with grape jelly is a treat BUT, I only do it if the pizza is dry and sub par. Try it sometime, give it a chance. Wink Wink. Let me know?

I gave eating fish a chance and now I like some of it, except for salmon which was ruined for me forever. (See the post I Hate Salmon…) I will eat mild fish and I only myself to try it when we were in Florida on vacation. I tried it several times and I can kinda sorta say “I like it.” If I had to choose fish or a petite filet mignon, would I pick fish? Not a chance but I am open to the idea of eating it and we don’t eat red meat very much at all.

Another thing to consider is that there is no income coming in to our house and there has not been any income coming in for almost a year. I’m not complaining, it’s the worst job market ever but we do eat scrambled eggs and toast once a week and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches once a week. You can’t blame me for that.

When we go shopping we buy chicken not steak, good food is for good news only and we haven’t had any of that lately. We keep saying that if any good news happens, we will go out to eat and celebrate. I’m not sure we believe in good news anymore.

Our condolence prize is a pizza pie once every two weeks or so. It’s not the end of the world. My husband is a good cook and when I try I am adequate cook as well. Lately, there hasn’t been time to cook since I am literally spending each day going to a different doctor trying to find out why I pass out and end up face down on the floor.

The medical factory that I go to has lined up every single test in the world. I understand why they do it and that is why I have cooperated pleasantly but it’s not as if I am home, watching Orange is the New Black and eating ice cream bon-bons.

Strawberry rhubarb compote

Strawberry rhubarb compote (Photo credit: Kitchen Wench)

So, while I appreciate your concern, please do not worry, (biological sister and twin) because it’s not as bad as it seems. On the stove now I am cooking a fruit compote with rhubarb, strawberries, blueberries and a few prunes in a slow simmer with Sugar In The Raw. I’m not even using fake sugar (yet.) I love this stuff and I love cooking it.

We had a huge green salad for dinner, steamed asparagus and half of a leftover lobster roll with cold cucumber yogurt dill soup. See?  Do you feel better? I do have good food habits but writing about them is not nearly as entertaining as the other stuff. Is it?


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7 thoughts on “Yes, Dear Ones, I DO Eat Healthy Food

  1. I love reading about your weird food combinations as I read through your blog!!! I find it fascinating, so please……bring it on!!! You have a great, quirky personality and a great sense of humour which I love that about you! And it still shines through with all the stress you are under with no income over the last year, no jobs and all the health issues you have to deal with day to day. I am getting the bigger picture now as I get more acquainted with your blog. I will keep reading and will hopefully find out about the upside down horrendous vomit test! Not good that you keep face planting everywhere! One of the worst things is feeling dizzy, off balance and nauseated!! I think you are amazing and wish you didn’t have to suffer like this, both economically and health wise!! You are such a good person….and you have a fabulous blog that I enjoy tremendously!!

    I remember eating a LOT of peanut butter and jelly and egg sandwiches, scrambled eggs and pancakes for dinner growing up and then as a single parent feeding my boys!! Lots of kids, not much money when I was a kid. It never hurt any of us though and mom always managed a good roast beef dinner on Sunday’s!! I pray for better days ahead for you!!! They have to be a-coming around the corner!!! xo


      • The tilt test had me at a bp (if you could call it that) at a bp of 42/40 or something like that. I was experiencing ALL the symptoms I get before I pass out, weak, could barely speak, headache but was STILL conscious. My 5 minutes of fame. At that point they stopped the test, apparently I am the only patient they ever had that was still conscious at that low level. (Yay me?) they figure and I agree I’ve had it so much I’ve developed coping mechanisms. dr. put me on a medicine to elevate blood pressure. I’ve been taking it but so far, meh. The weird thing is my husband is keeping track of my bp and for no reason whatsoever it was too high yesterday 140/90 or something like that. I was totally peaceful. Sigh. Back to the doctors!!!


      • WOW, that’s low and you were still conscious!! You are one strong ‘cookie’, no pun intended!! See, your special, one of a kind! I hope they can figure this out for you?!! Sometimes they can’t but will keep my fingers crossed 🙂 keep us posted! Hope you are having a good day!!


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