I Hate The Dentist And Nitrous Oxide Does Crap

Whoever said nitrous oxide, laughing gas, is fun, a legal high and you don’t feel the pain is a big fat liar.  It doesn’t really help and if you are terrified of the dentist to begin with and he’s coming at you with that horrifying noisy drill, slowly breathing through your nose is the last thing on your mind. In fact, I tense up and I forget to breathe altogether.

English: Medical grade Nitrous Oxide tanks use...

English: Medical grade Nitrous Oxide tanks used in dentistry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hate going to the dentist and needing a cavity filled was a traumatic event for me. Even a cleaning is horrible but last month’s filling was downright dreadful. Of course, I haven’t needed a cavity filled for at least thirty years and I am planning not to have one ever again. I am not vain, I swear I’d rather have dentures even though I don’t need them.

How could anyone be a dentist or married to a dentist. I know you can say the same thing about surgeons, even doctors but for a person with a phobia about dentistry, it seems stupefying.

I actually like the three dentists in the office, I really do. However, their office staff at the front desk are horrendous. One is an overly affected woman, from France or Greece who walks around with two sticks up her ass, never smiles and is downright rude. It’s hard not to take it personally until you have been there for a while and notice she’s nasty to everyone. Why do they keep her? No one knows. She is not, in the least bit, friendly (friendly is a gross exaggeration) she is not even polite. I happen to know they get a lot of complaints about her.

The second front desk person is like a little troll.  She’s the one who happened to do something illegal while I was there but I’m not telling. If she was friendly I could have let it go but she is as nasty as the other one except she has more of a street smart attitude. Gum-chewing, short, dyed hair, clicking her gum as if we were in junior high school, you have probably seen her in the background of the movie West Side Story;  and she seems ready to rumble. I have never seen her smile or be welcoming or polite to anyone there either. Broke the law, nbd.

The third receptionist who is barely tolerable is a guy who sits behind his computer scowling, doesn’t talk to anyone and pushes numbers into the computer, a data entry job which is fine. He doesn’t have to “welcome people with respect and compassion in HIS job description.” Maybe the other two women don’t either?

It’s like the inmates are running the asylum and I’m not quite sure I’m comfortable with that. The dentists are kind but are they incredibly clueless about how to manage an office? I dare say with this economy I’m sure there are thousands of men and women that would be not only competent to do this job but friendly and warm too.

There are two questions: 1) Should customer service/care be part of your decision-making process when hiring a doctor?

2) It’s 2014: Can’t they come up with ANYTHING to mask the sound of the dreaded drill? Headphones maybe?

Your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “I Hate The Dentist And Nitrous Oxide Does Crap

  1. Yes, customer service is a part of my doctor selection process. My previous dentist was good, but his front office staff was rude. My current dentist and the front office staff are courteous and professional. It makes a difference to me.

    Headphones are of no use in drowning out the drill. I know because I always wear my noise-cancellation headphones when I’m in the chair. The sound from the drill arrives courtesy of bone conduction. Listening to soothing music does help, though. I’ve gotten more comfortable at the dentist’s office (having major work done over the past few months), but I still hate going.


  2. I hate the dentist too……..I was on Oprah once when she talked about dental phobias. My current dentist is someone I have known her whole life…..and I still am scared of her. I once stayed with an OB/GYN because I loved his receptionist/nurse……until he turned into a real asshole. And I left an endocrinologist because his staff was rude….he wasn’t a prize either. I would find somebody else.

    Screaming masks the sound of the drill.



  3. Can’t believe the doctors are oblivious or do the office workers turn on the charm when interacting with the dentists? Maybe they are relatives or get minimum wage or are “involved” with the dentists. . . . I’d probably say something to each and every dentist about their staff when I tell them I’m finding another office. Maybe you should e-mail them this post!

    The only way I know to mask the sound of the drill is to be sitting in the waiting room while someone else is being drilled.


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