Dear Body,

I know you have been trying to listen to me and I appreciate the effort but now, finally I think you have seen the light, pardon the pun. You have known what to do all along but with your being stubborn (and not letting your sister be right) you have negated every suggestion from everyone else. That’s not bad, you need to listen to yourself.

At the same time, I am proud of you, so very proud that you have decided NOW to,( on your own ), to do something entirely different. You went into a bad slump for a day and a half the “I can’t do this anymore” cry

but you realized you really don’t have to give up. What a mood elevator that was!

Suddenly and slowly like each ray of a sunshine blooming like a petal you decided to do completely different. Instead of adding another med, you were going to stop them all. Yup, each and every one except for Synthroid which is medically warranted for your health. The others, well, you’re not stupid, you won’t go cold turkey, but you can talk (if you want) with each medical doctor and believe me there are way too many and discuss getting off the meds with ease. You are not asking IF you can do it but HOW. Hear that Doc? I am not asking your permission, this is my body and I’m taking it back.

You’ve had it in your germ-filled hands for exactly seven minutes each time. SEVEN MINUTES !!! I have (barely) seen you. My body, outside and inside deserves more than seven minutes. I need love, I need  respect and I deserve it. I know my body much better than you do. My instincts have never steered me wrong. Never. Can you say the same, that you have never given me the wrong diagnosis or the incorrect prescription. I thought not.

The other thing I will do and believe this is harder for me than the above is try to eat healthier foods and that means less processed foods. I can’t promise to throw my Kraft American Cheese Slices, individually wrapped, away, just yet, but I will only eat them when all other comfort foods are exhausted. I do make a mean chicken soup, all natural.

Chicken soup is a common classic comfort food ...

But, again, I’m not going to make myself feel bad if I go slowly in my process. And, I refuse to make quinoa on principle, kale too just because they are “popular.” I’ll wait six months to see what the new food trend is.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t order it for lunch at a cute local farm- to- land sweet restaurant my friend Sarah and I go to but I’m going to take just one step at a time.

There you have it, my intentions, to be healthier, naturally and stop throwing back these ridiculous pills the doctors have given me because that’s what they do. Maybe I’ll send this to Michael Finkelstein at the Sunraven Center and we will go full circle. Meditation instead of medication. (Love that !) At least when Danny finds a job or if he has a sliding scale. It’s worth a shot. ANYTHING is worth a shot. Be Grateful, Be Kind even more than you have been. Heal Yourself. The time is now.



ps: Dedicated to my new friend, Ken

4 thoughts on “Dear Body,

  1. Please keep us posted on how you are doing in reducing and eventually stopping most of your medications! There are some meds that we can’t play around with, like for me my blood pressure meds and asthma meds but I agree, our instincts are never wrong!! Just proceed with caution……:)

    Love your words ‘meditation, not medication’………:D



  2. Wow, are we all stopping meds at the same time or something? No granted I’ve only stopped one completely. But my as needed meds are kind of just sitting there. and I know that my many of my other meds are getting reduced. I’m on my way….but slowly. many of my meds I can’t just go off of, I’d be in the loony bin. and some I know I’ll have to stay on, but less.

    Yes, I’m focusing much more on meditation.
    I’m really studying Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction principles started at U of Mass by Jon Kabbat-Zinn. The book Mindfulness for Beginners is really good.
    The classes can be outrageous…it really started to turn me off of MBSR. I’ll talk about that in my post about it. But I’ll say, not every place is like that. Classes here for example are reasonable, and they have a sliding scale and will work with you. plus you can do some volunteer work in exchange for tuition..they want you to be able to do it if you want to.
    and they have free meditation classes…and there’s a group you can join…it’s wonderful.
    MBSR has been proven to help people with all kinds of illness. Especially those with chronic pain. I know it helps me control my vertigo.

    You go body….tell that brain to listen to you.


  3. Holy cannaloni, serioiusly? and you did not mention a word. How odd or (not odd) is that connection? Flabbergasted. Seriously. Speechless. Don’t even want chocolate mousse cake that is downstairs. What did you think? Just “oh those two Peachys?” Coincidence or Nah, I wasn’t surprised. Please answer.


  4. Thanks for the “meditation, not medication” line!! What we put in our minds is as important as what we put in our mouth.

    p.s. I stopped all my fibro meds last week – so far can’t tell the difference (good days and not so good days – but at least I know I can’t give the meds blame OR credit).


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