Food Fighters

Adam Richman, host of the new show Food Fighters on NBC has finally found himself a respectable job. Adam of Man vs Food show, the gluttonous, eating pig-out contest (see Man vs Food on my blog )


Man v. Food

Man v. Food (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


record-breaking, heart attack making show was in one word, disgusting. It was Adam, a lot heavier, breaking stupid records  for example if  someone had eaten  15 triple cheeseburgers in a row, Adam, of course, would have to top it and eat 16. Ugh. It was not a pretty sight.


Ninety-nine percent of the time, he took the title which is why his weight probably ballooned up, I guess the restaurant has to win once in a while. Apparently now a thinner, but nastier Adam is in a Twitter/Instagram (?) fight about remarks he made to some fans which were really distasteful, ugly and insensitive. Not smooth Adam, not good for Public Relations. Your manager is probably eating themselves up in cronuts right about now.


I love this show Food Fighters which puts together talented home chefs against professional chefs to cook a meal. Of course, if you are like me, you are always rooting for the home chef to win and to wipe the smug grins of the celebrity chefs right off their faces.


Tonight’s episode featured a home cook that really seemed to need the money and I was rooting for her. She beat every single professional chef that was on the show winning a total of $100,000. I had tears in my eyes when she won. She had come from a bad place, was unemployed and really needed a new start. I’m not positive but I thought she said she was living and cooking for her brother and family.  This win, gave her the opportunity to start over.

Aside from identifying too much with the contestant (which I did ) she was a woman you just wanted to cheer for. Her name was Elisha and the only thing I missed was a seat at the dinner table to taste her food and that of the celebrity chefs.

I LOVE THIS SHOW. I haven’t been this excited about a new show in a long time. Thank goodness for this, it’s the little things that make me happy, like the tiny sliver (okay big) slice of chocolate mousse cake



that I stole from my daughter’s birthday cake. Heaven. Moist, creamy, fudge-like icing, my husband was aghast with horror. “Since when have you walked over to the dark side?” What happened to Vanilla Girl?” he asked. I didn’t think it required an answer because basically I was eating the frosting and did not intend to distract myself with an answer.

As many of you know I tend to be VERY flexible when it comes to dessert. I like many different types of dessert and I will have a slice of cake over a scoop of ice cream any day. I eat ice cream, of course, but it has to be in warm weather, outside of Ben & Jerry’s, seated in their cow couch outside licking a cone with rainbow sprinkles. Rainbow sprinkles



make me incredibly happy. To me, they are what dreams are made of, my husband will only eat chocolate sprinkles or jimmies as they called them in Massachusetts.

It’s a particularly hard world out there now and very difficult for our family as well as many families that I know. We do what we can to cope with our situations but if an ice cream cone or a good cup of coffee, once in a while, makes you happy, I say, go for it. It might very well (no pun intended) perk you right up.


Just one blogger's thoughts. Allegedly.

5 thoughts on “Food Fighters

  1. I can taste that beautiful chocolate mousse cake you described melting in my mouth!!! I now must get myself a chocolate treat today….I mean it’s the long weekend and a I’m not doing much else LOL!!!!
    I am going to have to find that show! It sounds great and I love it when people like Elisha win!!!!
    Hope you are feeling a bit better! You have had a rough time lately!!!!

    Chatycat xo 🍰🍪🍩🍧


    • oh, you must. there is a little left, enough for one more dessert. after that who knows, we might have to buy another cake. this time our excuse can be our son will be visiting…whatever it takes. it’s shameful how happy it makes me. do buy something and let me know, in detail, what you buy. and one piece of chocolate does not count. in our family that is called a Pre-D, (and it’s medicinal because it is dark chocolate. xoxo


  2. I’ll have to try and check this new show out. We have a new cable provider…which was just there when we plugged it in the wall and I can’t find all the stations, but I’m not going to complain, I’m not paying for it….and it’s not the cable company that is supposed to provide here, it’s strange really strange… so I’ll find it!! I like that you’ve joined the “dark side” Bwahahaha! savor must savor it. There is a mindfulness practice that they do that is done with eating. It can take up to an hour to eat one thing, I’ve seen the practice done with a raisin, and done with a piece of chocolate….of course I would have to do chocolate (I can’t eat raisins) but I could just see me taking that long to really be mindful about a piece of chocolate, savoring it, noticing the nuances of flavors, the floral notes……ect. Yep…a lesson in mindfulness…that’s why we must have chocolate.


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