Dear Stupid Pesky Migraine,

BACK OFF. No, Really, Back the flippin bleep off. Got it? Good. I’m pretending that you are just a regular, tiny headache and I’m still in full control of my life. Sure, I’ve dimmed the lights, for a cozy, romantic look but that proves nothing.  I just have a minor headache and even though I am squinting, it’s because I took off my glasses so I could see better. You understand, I’m sure.

I’m new to this world of migraines so I don’t have a whole lot of experience, do I take that preventive medicine now or am I wasting it? I don’t know. I really don’t, I guess I’ll wait, in an hour it will be better or much worse.

I know I am tired, I have been tired all day because I didn’t get enough sleep and I wish I could tell you that I had a great time last night drinking and dancing at some fab party but frankly I haven’t been to a party since my sister’s surprise party which really wasn’t that much of a surprise.There was no drinking or dancing there (at least for me) just Jane’s quinoa salad which I hate to admit, I really liked, because she had raisins and craisins and dried apricots in it. Fruity quinoa, who knew?

Why have I recently developed migraines at the advanced age of 57 years of age? I have no flippin’ idea. I got through the first one at the ER after hours of agonizing pain

and finally they gave me a shot of something wonderful so I could get some sleep and the pain eased away so very slowly. I discharged myself after the first round of medication because I wanted to be home in my own bed. My counterpart in the next bed, with the same exact diagnosis, chose to stay in the hospital and get another dose of pain relief.

Can’t say that I blame her, looking back, If I had known then what I knew now, I’d still be in that bed smiling in my safe slumber. I wish they had given me a strong medication to take with me but they don’t trust us normal pain people with “abusive substances” as if one Percocet would put us over the edge. Anyway, all I wanted was to get out of the hospital, infestation hotel of germs and creepy-crawley things.

So, do you really think I needed ANOTHER INVISIBLE ILLNESS to add to my plethora of symptoms because frankly, I thought I had enough. I KNOW I had enough. Is this some cruel joke or do you think this is wildly hysterically funny?

I’m not laughing, I’m disgusted, fed up and sick of all these unrelated illnesses that I keep dreaming about a miracle cure or at least ONE interested doctor that will take it upon him/herself to try to figure it out. Got no volunteers except the mother of a son (who used to be friends with my son) in elementary school. That’s the closest I have and I truly appreciate her interest. Nobody cares, anymore. That’s what it feels like, that’s what it is.

All those one in a million doctors that take the extra time to try to solve the puzzle, I haven’t found one yet and yes, I’ve been looking. Any volunteers?  I will beg if you want me to but nobody is sending me emails or sending me SOS messages that spell out ” I WOULD LOVE TO HELP YOU ANSWER THIS MYSTERY, LEAN ON ME.”

In the end we each have our own shit we have to go through. I sure have mine. Apparently, It will stay mine forever. All mine. Because, in the end, nobody cares, let me introduce you to Medicine 101.”IT’S JUST NOT THEIR JOB, DEAL WITH IT, IT’S ALL UP TO YOU. LOOK WHO IS LAUGHING NOW, IT SURE ISN’T ME!”

6 thoughts on “Dear Stupid Pesky Migraine,

  1. Yes, you need to take the medicine at the first sign of the migraine. Otherwise it just keeps ramping up with the pain which is debilitating. I know because I suffer from sinus headaches which are just as bad as a horrible migraine. I too spent last Thursday hooked up to an IV of morphine and an anti~nausea in the hospital emergency and like your counterpart in the next bed I too stayed for a second dose. Made a bigger difference and I highly recommend it. Why do you keep getting more ‘invisible diseases’ to deal with? I ask myself the same question and like you I don’t feel like anybody really gives a shit anymore or wants to hear about it because it’s always something!!!!! I am so sick of it all myself!!!! So all I can say is I hear you and feel your frustration. Lean on your lovely blogger friends and me and anybody who will listen. I hold so much in myself I feel like I am having a heart attack half the time because I am so stressed. Sending you strength and hugs from Canada!!!! Chatycat xo


    • Chatycat, you can rely on me and I will rely on you. and all my facebook friends, they are dearer to me than other so called friends. they get it. wish you didn’t live so far away but we will work through that and email more!!! I’m here for YOU.


  2. Take the medication at the VERY FIRST SIGN of the migraine! If you wait it will be much less likely to take it away. If you take it fast it may be gone in just a little bit. I’m here if you need to talk about these things. You know I’ve had my fill of them.

    Try to keep a diary…see if you can figure out any triggers. Food, weather, anything. thinking of you.

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  3. When I had really bad migraines the doctor told me to take the medication at the VERY FIRST sign, not to wait. That actually worked pretty well. At best it stopped the pain and at worst kept it to a low simmer. The longer I waited to take the medication and the migraine went to a full boil nothing would help.

    I so hope you feel better.


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