…And You Thought I Was Anxious Before??

Dear Psychiatrists,

Telling anxious patients that their anti anxiety meds are going to probably give them Alzheimers disease in the future is really not the way to go. I mean it, I should know, I am a patient that suffers from anxiety and I really don’t want to hear this, it’s making me even MORE anxious.  Now I can’t use my medication? What’s the point? You can’t take away medication without substitution? Don’t tell us this without coming up with a different plan at the same time.

Don’t tell me there is a link and then say good-bye, see you in two weeks. That is all sorts of wrong. Telling us that anti anxiety meds are going to give us Alzheimer’s disease in the future is like handing over loaded guns and hundreds of dangerous pills to someone threatening suicide.

Apparently, there’s this new article out that people are getting anxious about, you can feel the tremors in the air, a cup of wiggling orange jello in a steel cup.

The psychiatrists, all over, are desperately copying the article that says the anti-anxiety medicines are strongly linked to gettng Alzheimers disease. Do you think that information is something that we need to hear without a …But…Or  we will try…..? We  come to you, worried and afraid and we fear pain, illness, madness, flying on planes or driving and getting lost and…the list continues and is different for everyone.

Of course I told this to my friend who suffers from anxiety and much more and then he got anxious (but he wouldn’t admit it) and he asked

a professor at college and sent me some research that the study is completely inconclusive. Hmmm. That sounds good but should I believe him? Not yet. Only when I hear it from MY doctor will I feel more relaxed.By the way, I think my psychiatrist was anxious about this study as well, I thought of that today. I did not get a sense of calmness from her at all. I am going to ask her some day.

As usual, I’ve decided to cut my prescription in half (my doctors are not fond of me self-prescribing) but hey, in this case I think it’s perfectly reasonable. I didn’t go cold turkey and I added a Benadryl. In good faith I sent all this information in an email to my lovely psychiatrist. She is a goddess.

The other medicine is only use as needed

English: Xanax 0.25, 0.5 and 1 mg scored tablets

and I haven’t needed it for a while. However, I have been practicing mindful meditation and now I will commit to doing it twice a day.

So, before we all panic, let’s think of this as a new beginning. I’m not going to lie I feel the first rumblings in my stomach, that’s where it starts for me. I stop typing, I take three deep, long breaths to calm myself down. I didn’t open a prescription bottle that has little orange pills in it. I am trying to say good-bye to you, Xanax, even though I will probably will miss you but I will feel cleaner and stronger without you. I hope.

*Alzheimers/Dementia is a very serious disease.For information:

24/7 Helpline | Alzheimer’s Association

http://www.alz.orgWe Can Help

Alzheimer’s Association

Call us tollfree anytime day or night at 1.800.272.3900.

13 thoughts on “…And You Thought I Was Anxious Before??

  1. I LOVE all your responses and I do believe in a greater quality of life. I think my shrink, after thinking about it was anxious herself and I picked up on it. (I will ask her even if she is not too pleased) I am just going to be more aware. It’s the sleeping issue that I have a greater problem with. Does anyone have any tricks? I’m going to try melatonin….suggestions? I am on a sleep med that I want to get off.


    • I’ve never tried it so can’t personally vouch. This was given to me by a well respected psychologist who is a pain management/addiction/sleep specialist:

      “500 mg L-Tryptophan pul 100 mg GABA one hour before bed on empty stomach
      Then another 500 mg L-trptophan plus 100 mg GABA plus 3 mg melatonin right at bedtime on an empty stomach.
      Take B-complex during the day. Should work well in 3-5 days.”


    • I take Amitriptylline, only 10mgs, a small dose and add in 100mg of Gravol….that’s my prescription lol. I do spend a LOT of nights awake though so I need help myself! Always had some insomnia but since menopause, sleeping has become very elusive!!!! I can get to sleep but wake up all the time!
      I just have to say I just love you and your posts!! I haven’t been blogging for awhile, I will get back to it but I am always delighted when you are around! 😀 xx


      • @chatycat, you cheer me up!!! i always smile when I get a reply from you. there will always be D (welcome to our family) I sleep on and off but it is light sleep. going to try melatonin tonight. and I refuse to suffer, qualitiy of life is more important. thank you to my peachy keen beloved friend, Judith!


  2. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and have since my late 20’s and have taken anti-anxiety meds for half my life. My dad is 82 years old now, has been taking Zanax for years and he is as sharp as a tack!!! ‘They’ could turn around and ‘discount’ these studies in a few years from now, who knows!!! I use my prescription’s properly and am not going to sacrifice my quality of life because one doctor puts a scare like that out there! She’s not doing you a favor I think, but that’s just my opinion! 😃 if you can get off the meds, kudos to you but don’t kill yourself doing it and…try to keep things in perspective. From a loving anxiety patient!!!! 😄


    • As one who takes these meds, you’re spot on—everyone went into a tizzy with the ‘vaccines cause autism’ fraud, and we now see the results of increased outbreaks of formerly near-eradicated serious illnesses. One study, ONE STUDY, without replication, is worth little. ‘Butter/Margarine/Butter/Margarine”? Take your pick!


    • Welllllllllll,
      1. Quality of life is better than quantity of life

      2. I decided a long time ago that I would rather my mind go BEFORE my body – that way I won’t know OR CARE I’m physically kaput.

      3. By the time most people develop dementia or alzheimers they will have developed medication to cure it. That medication will then cause other problems which will then necessitate medication to cure those issues . . . . Your kids will be fine whether or not you will see it all in your lifetime – which brings me back to #1

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