Happy Yellow Friday #5

I am not into fancy cars, a car is just a means of transportation for me. If I won the lottery I wouldn’t buy an expensive car, the only car I have ever wanted was a Yellow Volkswagen Beetle.

Not the new Man Beetle, the Beetle from a few years ago, the one that had a small vase in the front for a flower, a daisy.  It was the perfect baby boomer car. It’s still a car, I think, that is just meant for me to drive.  Happy Yellow Friday to all.

6 thoughts on “Happy Yellow Friday #5

  1. I have this car, yes it is yellow!…well mine is a convertible. It has the flower holder, complete with a cute little stuffed smiley face flower.

    Of course, now I can’t drive. So, Stuart drives it. Not really the car for my 6′ man, but I still love it. and I love it when he takes me for rides when it is warm with the top off. 🙂

    Come see me, you can drive me around in my car!

    (we do think we need something a bit more practical, getting a walker in and out of the back seat is awkward, so if you are interested. lol)


  2. Come to California and I’ll take you on a drive in my beetle – but you’ll have to bring yellow spray paint. (mine is 10 years old and has a flower in the vase – a smiley face flower – a peace sign on the side and a COEXIST bumper sticker. The only people who drive them in California are either college-age or old-age!)


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