Life With Fibromyalgia And Hashimotos Thyroiditis 12.20.2014

I really had no plans to write this but I noticed a few people were reading an update of mine from 2011 on this very topic and I just couldn’t let that happen. Believe me, not much has changed but I thought I owed it to you to at least change the date and update you with my thoughts.Hashimotos Thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease of the thyroid. Many people have this condition in conjunction with other illnesses.

Having Fibro and Hashimoto still sucks. Big time.

No surprise there, right fellow sufferers? My number one complaint is not having any energy and if one more person tries to tell me to exercise more (including my new Rheumatologist) I will want to slap them silly. I should have stayed with my old Rheumatologist,  he loved me best but I just couldn’t go see him in the city anymore. I didn’t have the energy to take

English: Common signs and symptoms of fibromya...


trains and buses and taxis and walk up two flights of stairs and down two flights of stairs. It’s not as if I dropped him, he was so sweet and understanding, Fibromyalgia did.

I now see a not so nurturing Rheumatologist in town and her motto is basically “Get over yourself and exercise.” She must know my mother.

I KNOW exercise is good for me, for us, but it sounds better than it is. Fibro Flare, really? I hope you have more discipline than I do because I need tips on how to haul my hurting rear out of my bed and on to the treadmill.


I KNOW it is not good for us but I COULD stay in bed 24/7 because of the exhaustion. Couldn’t you?

I’m on Savella twice a day, I was given a choice between Savella and (Fibro Fog, can’t remember the other one’s name but it is widely used and known to put on weight) so I chose Savella. It helps. Is it a cure, ha ha ha. NO. There is no cure, as we all know.

I’m now considering myself LUCKY that I got these illnesses when I was 50 when I hear stories of young when who get these illnesses in their twenties. I feel for you young ladies, I truly do.

What’s the worst part (parts) of Fibro for me? No memory and no energy!

No memory. None, Nada, Zilch. It scares me to pieces. It really does. I go upstairs to get a sweater and as soon as I go up a short set of stairs I am turning around in one room and then another NOT KNOWING why I came upstairs.

Yes, it freaks me out. Anyone else have this too? I need reassurance.

That, and having no energy except for one or two errands ( if I am lucky) every day or every other day. Buy the way, between hearing loss and forgetting I have young adult children (especially my daughter) who still makes me feel like dog shit when I don’t remember what she told me. “I TOLD you that…” and she may be referring to a year ago or two weeks.

I feel bad about myself as it is, but wow, I feel worse after one of those angry, “how stupid ARE YOU? looks.”

Researchers say they made a discovery about nerve pain, but to tell you the truth, it’s just words on a page. There has been no further development to HELP US. If you have found something, please let me know.

As for now, do the best you can, give each other support, I’m here, lots of Fibro Friendly people are on-line. Some of my best friends started with a now defunct Fibromyalgia group but we have stayed friends, close friends. (There is no image for a group of people in pain and smiling, I tried.)

I wish you all good health, good luck and better things to come in 2015.

With love and empathy,



9 thoughts on “Life With Fibromyalgia And Hashimotos Thyroiditis 12.20.2014

  1. I have issues with forgetting what I was looking for. The worst for me tho is forgetting what I was about to talk about or (actually I think this is even worse) forgetting I have already told someone something and telling them again 😦
    It is scary, I agree.
    I also know “that look” and being made to feel like poo. I told them straight how they made me feel and why. It wasnt always effective but it made me feel less like poo to answer back.
    I really dont think they do it on purpose. They are young and whilst that isnt an excuse, it is a reason. I also had to remind myself that not only have we ‘lost ourselves’ to FM, they have lost the person we were too. But they may not even realise their frustration is with the illness and not you personally.
    I havent been awake long – I hope that made some sense x


  2. I know…..I don’t remember why I go anywhere. I had to stop at the store on the way home and I went right past it. I came home and had to go BACK out and go the store. I put things in my phone so I won’t forget them and I forget to look at the phone. I’d like to haul this a** out of bed and get some exercise but Ms. Judy, you got it right. The fatigue is life sucking. On a positive note, I get to get a thyroid ultrasound to check out all the nodules I have from the Hashimoto’s. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah my dears!!!!!


  3. I no longer get freaked out when I go to get something and can’t remember why I’m there because I now can’t remember that I didn’t remember and that’s a good thing. (I’m not joking).

    (I’d just look lovingly at my daughter, if I had a daughter, smile and say “Now, what’s your name, sweetie?”)

    The fatigue is the one thing I’ve not figured out – it’s life sucking.

    P.S. Beating yourself up is not the kind of exercise that the doctors are recommending.

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