In Memory – Anna

I shared many things with my Aunt. We shared a fascination with psychics, a love for old photos and junk food, and, of course, the Fessler sensitivity gene. She also had the same kid inside me—the one that thinks that you are never too old to be spoiled on Christmas and never too full for dessert.

While we are sitting here, with the absence of Laurie sitting heavy in our hearts, I know my Aunt wouldn’t want us to mourn her absence today, but to celebrate her presence.

Aunt Laurie was always the biggest fan of “the cousins.” She would always lovingly watch the four of us chat together at family dinners, remind us of funny childhood memories, and, back in the day, be the easiest to convince to let us have cousin sleepovers.

Sleepover at Timmy and Jillian’s became infamous for the delicious array of cocoa puffs and pop tarts we would eat there, which Aunt Laurie happily gave us under the platform that “kids should be allowed to eat junk food.” She was a cool Aunt, and my Aunt will live on in the friendship my brother and I have with our cousins, a friendship that always made my Aunt very happy.

What comforts me the most in this difficult time was my Aunt’s belief in communication with those who have passed, whether it be through signs she got from Papa, or seeing mediums. Her belief in that made all of us have a little more faith in this ourselves. We will all wait for those signs from you, and know that your belief will make their presence all the stronger.

You are sorely missed, Aunt Laurie, but I will forever be your Ansie, and you will live on through all of us through all that we share with you, every little thing that reminds us of you, and all the relationships you’ve inspired.

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