In Memory by CM

When we were younger Jillian and I would call each others mom’s “Mom”. We were young and we wanted to see what response it would elicit in our mom’s. Over the years, I continued to think of Laurie as a mother figure. She would refer to herself as my second mother and it was true. I could go to Laurie for anything and she would always be there for me. She and I are very alike, which is one of the reasons that we got along so well. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, are sensitive, love food (especially vanilla desserts), and believe in spiritual signs. Laurie was very easy to talk to, kind, honest, a great mom, and a fantastic banana bread maker. Her banana bread will always by one of my favorite desserts in the whole world and no one (not even Nonna) could come close to making it like Laurie could. When I was home from school, she would make some for me and we would catch up. I love getting the Facebook message from Laurie that said, “Stina guess what I made? Want to come over and have a slice?”. I love that she is still one of the only people that call me Stina, a nickname that she had given me when I was younger. I am going to miss her laugh when I would show up at her house with my shoes slipped on so the back was down like when we were younger. I am going to miss her phone calls and her inviting me over to see the “horrible” thing that her dog Lexi has done. My favorite was when Laurie took Lexi for a walk next to the pond and Lexi pulled her into the pond and Laurie (and Lexi) came back covered in mud. I am going to miss her and I coming up with a way to still convince my parents to let me have a dog (Laurie was always on my side). I am just going to miss her. xoxoxoxxoxoxo

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