In Memory – Emma

Our parents always commented that Laurie and I were as different as day and night.We didn’t resemble each other physically. We thought and reacted to life differently. My friends were not her friends with the except of her beloved Aunt Nancy.
Laurie called me moon face and I called her no face. Seriously, her face was so small that she needed to buy glasses frames from the children’s’ section. She was pale and I tended to be ruddy. I envied Laurie’s long slender fingers and soft hands, even in the winter. My hands get rough and chapped and I unfortunately inherited Mom’s stubby fingers.

Laurie was the generous one; I was always frugal. When we were young kids Laurie always insisted on paying for my Three Musketeers bar from her allowance.. Money burned a hole in her pocket but conversely, Laurie was often delighted by finding a $10 or $20 bill in the pocket of her jeans, long forgotten.

Something I really admired about my sister was that she, unlike myself, was not a whiner. She expressed frustration occasionally during her 6 plus year stint with fibro and all its spin off illnesses she endured but she rarely complained. Laurie tried to enjoy her “good days” and didn’t dwell on the lousy ones.

No one could tell Laurie and my voices apart. Especially on the phone, we sounded eerily identical. When we were kids, we pranked our friends pretending to be each other. As adults, we occasionally indulged ourselves as well. One time at Laurie’s house, an acquaintance of Laurie called and Laurie grimaced as she read the caller ID. I could tell that
she wasn’t in the mood but somehow felt obligated to answer the call. I raised my eyebrows at Laurie and gave mer a quizzical grin, Laurie nodded vigorously and grinned right back at me. I got on the phone and spoke for about 10 minutes. The caller didn’t have a clue and Laur and I had a good laugh.

So….I had a complicated relationship with my sister. At times we had fights that dragged on for weeks. During those times, I was miserable until we made peace. But even during our bleakest times, I never stopped loving or needing Laurie. She was always an important part of my life. And when things were really good between us, we had a solid closeness and I can hear my husband saying in the background “Are you STILL on the phone with your sister?”

I miss you so much Laurie, my little sister. And my heart goes out to everyone else who loves you, especially Mom, Dan, Jillian and Timmy.


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