In Memory – Meryl

I have very fond memories of my dear friend, Laurie Fessler.

I smile every time I reflect on the wonderful times we had growing up together in Kew Gardens and attending PS99, Russell Sage JHS and Hillcrest High School in our youth.

I especially remember all the sleep-overs we had at each other’s homes.
We had so much fun playing together and making each other laugh. We had common interests. For instance, our love of animals. It was so ironic that when we reconnected in our adulthood after so many years, that we had the same name for our pet.  Her dog’s name was Callie, as was my cat’s.

I remember all of our phone conversations about the fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism that affected us both.

Laurie was a very caring, sweet, and gentle soul. She offered to accompany me to an appointment with my hand surgeon in Manhattan if my husband was unable to take me. That is just one little example of what Laurie was willing to do for me as a true friend.

I vividly remember when a couple of years ago Laurie, Dan, Paul and I had dinner in Manhattan and then went to see the  show “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”;  just before it opened and became the smash hit of the year. Laurie and I had such a great time watching the show we both kept saying how much fun we had that night, and how the music in the show reminded us of the good times we had back in high school.

I shall always cherish these wonderful memories of Laurie.

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