Haiku Horizons, Branch

Mother, Tree of God

Son, daughter, branches of love

Stretch upwards, alone.

Gather twigs, branches
Sit around an open fire

Make memories here.


Stroll under Fall trees

Branch off a well-traveled road

 Find your own soul’s path


English: Branch

English: Branch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yellow Magic Madness #45

Morning sun on snow at Kelsall

Morning sun on snow at Kelsall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first real snowfall, pretty white flakes clinging to trees. Ice is slippery and

frightening. The sky is first black and white but when it clears for a moment or two

the sun comes out and makes these branches glisten.

Haiku Heights: Tree

Uprooted tree from Storm Sandy

Uprooted tree from Storm Sandy (Photo credit: Arlington County)

Trunk ripped by its roots

flipped like the white of an egg

We crouch together.


Once felt as sturdy

the tree weeps its bitter tears

and says I’m sorry


Our small family

I brought you into this world

and helped you to grow.


Like lovers soft limbs

branches intertwine with grace

Natural beauty.