Haiku Heights: Grass

Photo of a pair of shoes in the grass.

Photo of a pair of shoes in the grass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Burn over burn

Burn over burn (Photo credit: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Northeast Region)

Slivers of burnt green

now brown, maudlin, droopy, still

no love, death, hope lost.


Shoes covering feet

where once toes played in the sand

utter confinement.

Plinky Prompt: What Is Your Best Hat Look?

  • My Best Hat Look. Seriously?
  • “Baby, it’s COLD outside”
    Brown Hair Bow No Hat.

    I’ve worn baseball caps, I’ve worn beanies, old-fashioned hats with pom-pom strings that my mom used to force on my head and tie. More recently, I’ve worn what I call helmet hats which cover your head, ears and make you look like a square jack in the box. Those will NOT do any longer. I generally don’t wear hats at all even in the dead of these nasty, frost-bitten winters; I let my hair fly around me and keep me warm. The most I can manage is a hood, that attaches to my big, bulky, brown down jacket, that I just can’t seem to give away, year after year.