‘Oh Lola’ Perfume – Dakota Fanning

'Oh Lola' Should be NO Lola

I just saw an advertisement for a perfume called Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs. There was a picture of the actress/model Dakota Fanning, umm, holding, urrgh, placing it, (the bottle of perfume) between her legs. Oh, she was clothed (barely) but I hate the campaign. There was a comment section after the photo which I believe you can see by googling all the information; I am not positive but I think that this was in People magazine. See photo above (with my caption.)

Oh Lola, Oh Dear. Really?¬† It’s like kid porn and I am not at all a very conservative person. I don’t like overly suggestive, in your face advertising that¬† looks sleazy. You want to use Dakota Fanning, a very beautiful young woman in your advertising? Go for it. But, have a little common sense, this ad is offensive to me and I would not buy the product because of it. Nor would I let my 16-year-old daughter buy it and I certainly wouldn’t buy it for her. It just makes Marc Jacobs look like a dirty old man. You wanted a comment about the new campaign? Disgusting. Kid porn. Change it or make it go away. There, that’s my comment. What’s yours?

Oh Lola should be NO Lola.