Yellow Magic Madness #1 Yellow Rose

English: Rosa 'Mellow Yellow' at the Inez Gran...

English: Rosa ‘Mellow Yellow’ at the Inez Grant Parker Rose Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego, California, USA. Identified by sign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yellow is my all-time favorite color. Why? Because it makes me happy. I used to be part of Mellow Yellow Monday but unfortunately that ended. Every time I go to the new place I’ve apparently missed the deadline. So, I just started my own because I missed seeing some YELLOW in my life. Have yourself a very YELLOW week!

Mellow Yellow Monday: My Favorite Color Of All: Yellow Roses


yellow_rose (Photo credit: pepperazzi)

Mellow Yellow Roses, (would be a great idea for my birthday, please.)

My favorite color and my favorite flower now joining hands, with glee.

Yellow roses, sprung from Nature to fill me with delight and joy.

Happiness, to me, comes in Yellow.

Would you like to be my Mellow Yellow Friend?