“Do what you love to do” or How on earth do I know what that is???

I always know I need to write most when I don’t want to. I’m doing it anyway. Chickened out (bawk bawk) of the platelet/plasma shot; my husband is now woefully totally unemployed. My mother, finally backed down and while NEVER apologizing (what’s that?) she called me. Her way of expressing remose perhaps–or is that wishful thinking? Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster which of course ended up in me gulping down 2 butterfingers, 1 hershey’s bar, and a couple of other pieces of candy (but HEY, they were all HALLOWEEN sizes so that doesn’t even add up to one whole bar, right?)  Before that I had a piece of multigrain bread with mayo (light) cheddar and turkey. ..so much for my attempt at vegetarianism. Not sure I can do it but at least I am eating healthier things – today I had lentil soup.

You know how Oprah and everyone else says “do what you love best?”  That’s the thing. I don’t know what I like do to best that would create money for me. I like to eat, I like to watch tv and movies, i love mothering–so far coming up with nothing. Of course i LOVE writing (especially because of my one fan) but pay the bills it does not do. So, while I am lying here hoping for my torn ligament (or broken foot as my daughter says) it’s something to contemplate. HEY, ANYONE KNOW ANYONE AT THE FOOD NETWORK??!!!