Plinky Prompt: Did You Say Lie? Oh…I Thought You Said Bye…

  • What was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it?
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  • Pants on fire
  • You say lie, I say exaggerate. It’s all really a matter of
    perspective. I wouldn’t say I lie, exactly, because there is always a
    grain of truth in what I say. I will admit to exaggerating that grain
    into a pile of rice. Why? Only to make someone feel better. Is that
    wrong? I don’t think so. Not if it started with the truth (let’s say two
    people told you something) and the number increased in your brain,
    processed it and somewhere, somehow it came out of your lips as “six.”

    I don’t like LIARS, truly, if I find out that someone lied to me, I
    get crazy, so from now on, I will look at my own little white lies, even
    if it is to make someone feel better, and just tell the truth.

    As my kids would say “My bad.”

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