The Coolest Vehicle I've Driven

1985-1987 Ford Escort photographed in College ...

He Was My First And I Loved Him

His name was Eddie. That’s right, Eddie. As in Eddie Escort. A fine first vehicle for every young lady. He was cool, unpredictable, smooth. Could you count on him during the cold winter months? Hell, no. But, he was a sweet talker that landed me in a coveted space in the back parking lot where I worked after I did some clever maneuvering myself. Eddie Escort knew where he belonged and I made sure everyone else knew it too. You wouldn’t want to marry Eddie but as a first boyfriend, he was fine. He was exciting, even a little dangerous, sexy and well-built, he brought me to work and back, okay, sometimes we had to wait for AAA to bail us out but that just added to the suspense of our first relationship. Eddie was a Ford. A Ford Escort and he and I were cool. Together.

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