Haiku Heights-Dew

English: dew on grass Français : rosée sur une...

English: dew on grass Français : rosée sur une herbe Español: Rocío sobre el cesped (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Translucent drops glow

Sunshine laughs, rain kissed

strands of grass, blessed, pray.


Rainbow specks, water

glisten on yellow tulips

Somewhere horses play.


Banker horses

Banker horses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Haiku Heights: Grass

Photo of a pair of shoes in the grass.

Photo of a pair of shoes in the grass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Burn over burn

Burn over burn (Photo credit: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Northeast Region)

Slivers of burnt green

now brown, maudlin, droopy, still

no love, death, hope lost.


Shoes covering feet

where once toes played in the sand

utter confinement.

Plinky Prompt: Time Stands Still But You Can Change One Thing

  • Field of Daffodils with an old barn in the bac...

    Field of Daffodils with an old barn in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    For a moment today, time stands still — but you can tweak one thing while it’s stopped. What do you do? See all answers

  • Standstill
  • I would turn back time, not for very long, just a few months. Instead of Winter approaching, I want it to be Spring again. I want to see luscious green grass with fields of daffodils waving their thin yellow arms to greet the sun. I would take out my sandals and head to the beach, walk outside, sit on a bench and people watch. It’s definitely the official day of ice cream. Soft serve, vanilla with rainbow-colored sprinkles. Nothing could be better than that…

Just Write (Photo of meadow, sun, grass)

I’m alone, well, that’s how it seems, there is nobody around me, not a person, a dog, not even a single red or blue bird cheerily tweeting in the sky. There is no sound except the sound of my breath which now seems amplified in the stillness of the air. I feel confused yet peaceful. You would think I would be alarmed but I’m not, I’m happy, my grin is wide like that of a winning, toothsome 2 year-old enjoying their first grape lollipop. That’s how I feel, I feel innocent and ready to move ahead, I know what’s missing; all the baggage I used to hold on to that made feel 20 pounds heavier and 20 years older. I feel light, airy, no regrets, no negative thoughts. If only I could lived like this every day.

There’s a hill ahead of me and I start to walk up it, slowly, there’s no rush. Why should every place be a destination, this is just a journey. I notice the wildflowers on the back side of the hill, I kneel on my knees to smell their jasmine fragrance. I breathe in slowly, all my senses are magnified. I used to be cold all the time and now I am warm, there’s a slight breeze and the sun is right above me, keeping me warm, but not burning me in any way. I feel like it is protecting me, nurturing me. I swear it winked at me but that’s not possible. Is it?

I used to be afraid of all new things but I’m not now. I’m going to explore. I swing my arms from side to side, there is no fear in my body or mind. I look straight into the sun, I sing out loud, and I dance, I twirl to my own music. When I decide to finish, I throw myself into the lush blanket of green grass and smile, until I am ready to start again.