Where is “My Happy Place?” and where is yours?

I just started talking to my friend’s husband on Facebook, nice guy. Out of a job for months already and he’s in a funk, a deep funk. My friend told me that he was in his “happy place” The Zoo on Facebook. Some people Farm (i’ve already been yelled at from a few friends because I refuse to farm) some people have a cafe (i did for 2 days)…..we all need coping mechanisms. I know it sounds like I’m Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy  ( I SO sound like her. Seriously) but it’s true. Sad place, happy place, hibernation place (guilty as charged.)  I listen to a lot of music when I am in a sad place to try and bring me back to a happy place, I sing loud, I sing strong and I sing totally out of key. I don’t care. It makes me happy…done. Now, I did (double gulp) use food  to make me happy and definitely still have to try and not to, but I am now aware of it. And, to impress you, I started to drink water–still hate it–because truly the times I think I am hungry, I just want to eat. I’m not actually hungry so now (no, I do not mean to sound santimonious, trust me) I start sipping the insufferable water from my gray (happy place) new water bottle. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy, truly.

To those of you who read my earlier blog about my mother: as usual, “she is right, I am wrong” and “don’t use that tone on me even if it is on email, I’m still your mother.”  Oy.