Plinky: Could You Pull Off A New Hair Color?

  • Changing My Hair Color
  • Red-Auburn
    Michelle : shy sexy girl with auburn hair I could pull off being a red head…..I’m not looking for Lucille Ball, glowing in the dark, bright red but a softer, red-auburn look. I have some natural red highlights in my hair (at least in the summer) but I would have to have the mind set first. I would need to be completely prepared: the last ten to fifteen pounds would need to be lost, I would have to buy new clothes (and bring my 17 year old daughter along to approve) would have to stash the sneakers, and wear fit-flops (so summer is my only option) and I’d have feel brave, confident and fabulous about myself…..on the other hand, it might take a while…..I’ll keep you posted!