Mellow Yellow Monday – IKEA

IKEA Logo in Blue and Yellow on Store

IKEA Logo in Blue and Yellow on Store (Photo credit:

IKEA logo, home of the big YELLOW sign that welcomes you to shop, shop and dine in their lovely

cafeteria. Have a snack,  buy a chair or a large sofa. Maybe a dining room table set?

They have it all, and the prices are reasonable. Be forewarned, make sure you have a complete

screwdriver set for all the pieces to the puzzle that was once known as furniture.

We don’t have the money to go shopping for big ticket items right now, but just thinking of going to Ikea

makes me HAPPY.

Where is “My Happy Place?” and where is yours?

I just started talking to my friend’s husband on Facebook, nice guy. Out of a job for months already and he’s in a funk, a deep funk. My friend told me that he was in his “happy place” The Zoo on Facebook. Some people Farm (i’ve already been yelled at from a few friends because I refuse to farm) some people have a cafe (i did for 2 days)…..we all need coping mechanisms. I know it sounds like I’m Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy  ( I SO sound like her. Seriously) but it’s true. Sad place, happy place, hibernation place (guilty as charged.)  I listen to a lot of music when I am in a sad place to try and bring me back to a happy place, I sing loud, I sing strong and I sing totally out of key. I don’t care. It makes me happy…done. Now, I did (double gulp) use food  to make me happy and definitely still have to try and not to, but I am now aware of it. And, to impress you, I started to drink water–still hate it–because truly the times I think I am hungry, I just want to eat. I’m not actually hungry so now (no, I do not mean to sound santimonious, trust me) I start sipping the insufferable water from my gray (happy place) new water bottle. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy, truly.

To those of you who read my earlier blog about my mother: as usual, “she is right, I am wrong” and “don’t use that tone on me even if it is on email, I’m still your mother.”  Oy.