Saint Patrick’s Day 2011

Green Carnation

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It’s March 17, 2011 and it’s St. Patrick’s Day;  top o’ the morning to you!  Enjoy the bright sunshine outside lass and lassie. Since I was a wee child myself, I would hunt for a green sweater and become Irish for just this special day. When I worked at Boston College, many moons ago, my boss would bring in a box of green carnations for all us wee lassies to wear. This happened every single year, a tradition we all looked forward to. Every year on St. Patrick’s Day while we sipped our early morning coffee, we would look up and around for the inimitable Leo O’ Sullivan to come in. His twinkling eyes, always dancing the Irish jig would smile at each one of us as he proudly brought in his big white box of spray painted green carnations that he held under his arm. There was a flower for every one of his “Irish employees.” There is not a single St. Patrick’s Day that goes by that I don’t remember him, elf-like and impish.

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