Plinky Prompt: Trains, Planes, Automobiles?

  • San Carlos IR wildflowers, 2010, Sunset

    San Carlos IR wildflowers, 2010, Sunset (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, or car? (Or something else entirely — bike? Hot air balloon?) See all answers

  • Trains, planes, and automobiles
  • Train Plus Car: First a train with a sleeper compartment so I don’t get restless and cranky. Add lots of food and a dining car, seems like fun. Mix in a car somewhere along the line for freedom. Make a lot of stops wherever you feel like it, no reservations. See the beauty of nature, all across the country. Slip into cool streams naked, where the water is crystal clear, drink the water by cupping your hands together, splash the water at your dog and companion. Laugh a lot. Finally get to see a shooting star, you never see them in a city or suburb. Decide where you want to live if you ever get to retire. It’s a trip, a hope, a fantasy all in one. Fresh meadows of wildflowers, a fire at night outside, the smell of burning marshmallows, the feeling of utter peace.

Just Write (Photo of meadow, sun, grass)

I’m alone, well, that’s how it seems, there is nobody around me, not a person, a dog, not even a single red or blue bird cheerily tweeting in the sky. There is no sound except the sound of my breath which now seems amplified in the stillness of the air. I feel confused yet peaceful. You would think I would be alarmed but I’m not, I’m happy, my grin is wide like that of a winning, toothsome 2 year-old enjoying their first grape lollipop. That’s how I feel, I feel innocent and ready to move ahead, I know what’s missing; all the baggage I used to hold on to that made feel 20 pounds heavier and 20 years older. I feel light, airy, no regrets, no negative thoughts. If only I could lived like this every day.

There’s a hill ahead of me and I start to walk up it, slowly, there’s no rush. Why should every place be a destination, this is just a journey. I notice the wildflowers on the back side of the hill, I kneel on my knees to smell their jasmine fragrance. I breathe in slowly, all my senses are magnified. I used to be cold all the time and now I am warm, there’s a slight breeze and the sun is right above me, keeping me warm, but not burning me in any way. I feel like it is protecting me, nurturing me. I swear it winked at me but that’s not possible. Is it?

I used to be afraid of all new things but I’m not now. I’m going to explore. I swing my arms from side to side, there is no fear in my body or mind. I look straight into the sun, I sing out loud, and I dance, I twirl to my own music. When I decide to finish, I throw myself into the lush blanket of green grass and smile, until I am ready to start again.

Haiku Heights – Meadow


Meadow (Photo credit: fletcherjcm)

Upside down, around

Lying in the warm meadow

sun kissing my nose.


A warm, grassy field

My stomach faces the sky

A bridge to heaven.


Amid flowers, sun

I throw my head back and laugh

the wonder of life.