Mellow Yellow Monday

Noodle Kugel

Noodle Kugel (Photo credit: ShellyS)

My goal is to try new things so I decided to bake a “Noodle Kugel” which is made with yellow egg noodles

milk, sour cream, eggs, cottage cheese, sugar (brown and white) cinnamon and raisins. It’s a very warm and comforting

dish; my sister has always made them before. While not perfect, for the first time, it came out very good, indeed. I

actually made it because my son, 20, loves it so much; needless to say he wasn’t “hungry” last night!

Noodle Kugel

Noodle Kugel (Photo credit: cjbakker)

Mellow Yellow Monday

Autumn Colors Eternal Infinity Scarf Orange Ye...

Autumn Colors Eternal Infinity Scarf Orange Yellow Brown (Photo credit: smittenkittenorig)

We all know I hate WINTER, so to ease the pain I have surrounded

myself in inexpensive scarves. My focal point in this one, is, of course,

YELLOW. I am trying to think of Winter as the precursor to Spring…

Remind me of that if/when I start complaining!

Happy Mellow Yellow Week to all of you.

Mellow Yellow Monday

Oh dear me.

Oh dear me. (Photo credit: KateMonkey)

Since yellow is my favorite color I actually had my nails painted yellow…once.

I thought it would cheer me up every time I looked at my fingers but alas, it really didn’t work.

In fact, it looked like I had jaundice but it did make me laugh. It was worth a try but it did not work.

Mellow Yellow Monday – Corn on the Cob

It’s bitter cold outside, I’m dreaming about warm weather and backyard bbq’s.

The Weber grill has some sweet and savory chicken,  hamburgers and hot dogs too. Family and friends sit around having a soda or a beer, fresh lemonade. There’s potato salad, coleslaw and delicious sweet and crunchy, corn on the cob and home-made buttery bread. It’s like a bit of sunshine sweetness in every bite. Chips and dip, nothing fancy, just great food and perfect weather, hanging outside for as long as we want, with a guitar strumming and people singing out back in the garden.

I miss summer so badly, I could just about cry.

The following is the author's description of t...

The following is the author’s description of the photograph quoted directly from the photograph’s Flickr page. “One a day food item 20 ” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mellow Yellow Monday – Yellow Clothing/Tank Top

Wouldn’t it just brighten your day, a little bit, to see someone wearing the color of sunshine

English: Photo by willgame taken from www.flic...

English: Photo by willgame taken from of a woman wearing a yellow tank top. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mellow Yellow Monday – My Home

Yellow Flowers

German Shepherd
German Shepherd (Photo credit: Rennett Stowe)

Yellow flowers

Yellow door
Yellow door (Photo credit: LondonAnnie)

Finally, I live in a small white house that has a yellow door. Imagine just locking and unlocking my door every day, several times a day, makes my smile light up like a jack o’ lantern. I don’t like too flashy or bright colors but rather, warm and welcoming. Framing the house, and in the small garden, are yellow flowers, all different kinds, but easy to take care of and maintain. In the warm weather, I sit in my garden and slowly  sip my hot tea, with cream and sugar, and I take a few moments appreciating this lovely bit of a place. My big, rescue dog, named Shep, lies beside me and I stroke his fur and he puts his head on my lap. I marvel at how wonderful my older life has become, feeling the sunshine on my face and how much I appreciate my simple life here, at home.

Mellow Yellow Monday: Creme Brulee

Crème brûlée (Creme Brulee)

Crème brûlée (Creme Brulee) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yellow, sweet custard with a crispy, burnt sugar topping. The custard is so silky
on your tongue and inside your mouth. Taste buds awaken with delight. The top layer of
carmelized sugar is delicately crunchy. It’s a dessert for something special, a birthday, an anniversary, a celebration. I don’t make these, I must admit, so for me, it’s a treat at a restaurant to indulge in a dessert fantasy, taking tiny bites with a shining, silver spoon.


Mellow Yellow Monday

Mellow, Yellow, Monday, Melons!

I recently discovered delightful, yellow, Canary melons and am now addicted to them.

English: Canary melons cut and whole.

English: Canary melons cut and whole. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Juicier than a cantaloupe, refreshing and sweet, Canary melons are my

new favorite thing.

Hope you can find one before the summer ends. Enjoy!