Yellow Mellow Madness #56


English: Rosa 'Mellow Yellow' at the Inez Gran...

English: Rosa ‘Mellow Yellow’ at the Inez Grant Parker Rose Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego, California, USA. Identified by sign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought for sure that I could stop posting yellow things since I would be seeing them outside by now but no…..the air is BRISK, windy, freezing cold. Technically yes, its Spring but it doesn’t feel like Spring. To all of us, it feels like Winter. We were lucky not to get SNOW today. I am not kidding. I truly hope this is the last entry. Why do I think it may not be? Today’s picture of interest is this: A YELLOW rose something I hope to see soon in real life.


Photo Source: Wikipedia/Copyrighted/FREE USE


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Yellow Mellow Magic Madness

Yellow # 55 (Photograph by Author)
It is sleeting outside, it’s been a bad day. I’m looking at this peaceful photograph I took last year. I SHOULD meditate. Perhaps this is the reminder I need to set aside 20 minutes twice a day. I need it, I know that for sure. I will start tomorrow.
One of my favorite sayings and I am sorry I don’t know the source: “Praying is talking to God, Meditation is Listening

Mellow Yellow Monday

Autumn Colors Eternal Infinity Scarf Orange Ye...

Autumn Colors Eternal Infinity Scarf Orange Yellow Brown (Photo credit: smittenkittenorig)

We all know I hate WINTER, so to ease the pain I have surrounded

myself in inexpensive scarves. My focal point in this one, is, of course,

YELLOW. I am trying to think of Winter as the precursor to Spring…

Remind me of that if/when I start complaining!

Happy Mellow Yellow Week to all of you.

Mellow Yellow Monday

Oh dear me.

Oh dear me. (Photo credit: KateMonkey)

Since yellow is my favorite color I actually had my nails painted yellow…once.

I thought it would cheer me up every time I looked at my fingers but alas, it really didn’t work.

In fact, it looked like I had jaundice but it did make me laugh. It was worth a try but it did not work.

Mellow Yellow Monday – Apple Strudel

There’s a little chill in the air now, summer is over. You can smell it in the air. When the summer

starts to end, you feel the crispness of apples in the air. Suddenly, you feel like a cup of hot cocoa in the late afternoons, or a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. Apple strudel/cakeĀ  or the German “Apfel Kuchen.” A lovely tradition in Europe, one I respect very much!


Apfelkuchen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mellow Yellow Monday – Golden (Yellow) Labs

Another picture of my yellow lab

Another picture of my yellow lab (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I adopted a dog recently from an animal shelter, we think she’s a combination of a German Shepard and Yellow Lab. Adopting a dog instead of buying one makes me happy; getting a new dog after my old dog died made me happy. Any shade of the color yellow makes me happy. Today my pick for Mellow Yellow Monday are Yellow Labs. I know, all you can do is smile and say “Awwww.”( p.s. this is NOT my dog)

Mellow Yellow Monday

Volkswagon Beetle

Image by Karen Roe via Flickr

Inspired by my friend Becca Givens, I’ve decided to become a part of this sunny group too. Yellow is my favorite color and we just painted our house a sunny yellow with white shutters. I’m going to pretend it’s a beach house even when it’s snowing like crazy! I love my yellow Cape house, it’s not very spacious at all but it’s lovely to look at. My dream was always to have a yellow, Volkswagon Beetle, the adorable bugs from a few years ago but alas, we got a Mazda family car instead. Sometimes you just have to improvise and feel yellow inside. Happy Happy to all!